My Week #7 (2015)

College Interview,Valentine's Day and Adele Smith's Spring Gift Swap.

My Week #7 in my Filofax.
I did some more doodling this week and went as far as attempting to draw two love birds :)

Cute couple I saw in town/ A cloudy and windy day/ Reading one of my favourite blogs/ Scripture Art Journalling.

Verse of the week

This week went by pretty quickly. Nothing really spectacular happened actually except for the fact that my brother had his college interview yesterday which was Valentine's day and I had to go with him to his interview. The college he had the interview at was the one I went to so it was really nice going back there and seeing how much it had changed and even seeing some familiar faces.

Also, I just joined a spring gift swap hosted by Adele who blogs over at I have always wanted to get involved in gift swaps.This is an opportunity for people to learn or get to know more about each other and exchange gifts for spring in the end. If you guys are interested please don't forget to check out Adele's post here.
Hope you guys are all well and had a lovely week.
Thanks for stopping by.

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