Planner Decoration Ideas: Sticky Notes

Hey everyone,
I wanted to share with you guys some ideas that could help with your planner decoration. If you are a planner enthusiast like me, you probably would be aware that there are so many different ways we can decorate our planners, but today, I am going to be talking about sticky notes/tabs.

I have a fair number of sticky note collections.

I love them in all shapes and sizes.

This is my latest collection which I got from the The Works for only £2.99.
Here are a few ideas for using sticky notes in decorating your planner.

  • For writing TV show reminders:
I don't know if it's just me, but I like writing down my favourite TV shows down in my planner so I don't forget to watch or record them. I usually write them down on sticky tabs and stick them down in my weekly pages.

The fact that these sticky tabs are colourful really makes it hard for me to miss these reminders in my planner.

  • For writing favourite quotes/bible verses:

Every week, I like writing down my favourite quotes or bible verses in my planner. So I always like writing them down on sticky notes.

  • For recording events:
I also like writing down some events on sticky notes. Most of them aren't very important but if I want to remember them I write them down in my planner.

For example when my blog had over 2500 page views, and when we had trips to London, I recorded them in my planner.

  • For writing to do lists

I use the larger sticky notes to write down my to do lists for each week. They really help a lot as I like having my to do lists in my weekly pages so I would actually look at them rather than having them on a separate sheet somewhere else in my planner.

  • For writing appointments:
Last but not the least, I use sticky notes for recording appointments. I got these little clock sticky notes from eBay and when I have hospital appointments or interviews, I actually draw the time on the clock. It's nice to look at them.

So do you guys use sticky notes/tabs in decorating your planner? Do you have any ideas on using them? Please comment below. I would love to know.
Thanks for reading.

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