Planner Decoration Ideas: Washi Tape

Hey guys,
 I have another post about decorating your planner and today, I will be talking about the very famous washi tape.

I have a decent number of washi tape rolls and I really love them.
Washi tape is really famous in the planner community mostly because of their very colourful patterns.

What I love most about washi tapes is their very colourful and cute patterns that brighten up your pages when they are used in your planner.

How you use the washi tape or the number of patterns or colours you use is entirely up to you. Most people use it to decorate the edges of their planner pages or the lines. You can use them in which ever way you feel like. 

If you read the post on my very first set up then you would have noticed that I used washi tape in decorating the edges of the dashboard and dividers I made. Since I used the standard blue and green Filofax dividers that were not laminated, the washi tape helped protect the edges.

You can also use washi tape to write or highlight important things you want to remember in your planner. For example, I wrote down when I was supposed to restart work after my annual leave on some washi tape. Just like sticky notes, they are so colourful and bright and hard to miss in your planner.

You can also use them for noting down important events or memories such as bank/public holidays/ appointments/  birthdays/ days out and so on.

You could also use them for noting down TV show reminders.
Whatever you decide to use washi tape for is entirely up to you. I know some people also use them in the place of normal scotch tape. I think mostly because they can easily be taken off. I love using them for decorative purposes even in my journal and they help me to be creative as well. Does anyone else use washi tape in decorating their planners? How do you use it or what do you like most about using it? Please comment below. I would love to know.
Thanks for reading.

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