How To Use Project Life Cards

Hey everyone,
A couple of months ago, I purchased a set of 25 project life cards from Etsy and even though I don't do project life, I wanted to talk about the ways in which I use them.
My Project Life Card Selection

For Making Dashboards:

Most project life cards have very pretty patterns and inspiring quotes which could be perfect for your a planner dashboard.
The 3x4 project life cards fit the mini Filofax perfectly and can always be used as a dashboard.

For the personal or A5 size, you can always stick the cards onto your dashboard and they do give you something pretty to look at when you open up your planner.

For Making Dividers:

Just like dashboards, the project life cards are also perfect for making dividers for your planner especially the mini size Filofaxes.

 For Journalling:

Since I bought my set of PL cards, I have found out that I tend to use them more in my journal. 

I usually use them for writing quotes and sticking them in my journal.

Or just for decorative purposes.

Or for lists, stories, recounting events and many more.

 For Writing To Do Lists In Your Planner:

The main reason I bought the PL cards was to use them to write lists in my planner.

I like having all my to-do lists for the week in the same place and so the PL cards are perfect for making lists, hole punching them and keeping them with your pages for the week.

For Personalising Your Planner:

Again these cards can be used for personalising your planner. You could just stick them in your planner pockets for decoration or you could write inspiring/motivational quotes on them, hole punch them and keep them in your planner.


These cards are very useful for those who like tracking things in their planner like monthly expenses, exercise, meals, water, spending and many others.

Colour Coding:

You can also use them for writing your colour coding system on and keeping it in your planner.


PL cards are very popular to scrapbookers. Now I don't scrapbook but I love looking at the scrapbooks of others and I have to say that the result is really pretty.

These are just a few of the many ways one can use PL cards. Do you guys have any other ideas on how to use these cards? Please share in the comments. I would love to know.
Thanks for reading.

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