Planner Decoration Ideas: Doodling/Drawing

Hello lovelies,
Today, I have another post about some ideas to decorate your planner. In this post, I will be talking about doodling or drawing.

I normally don't do a lot of drawing or doodling but since I got myself these amazing coloured pens, I have gotten into these two things. I recently bought my set of mini stabilo pens and I have been actively using them in my Filofax.

I normally do not doodle every week but only on boring weeks with a lot of space. I often like filling up these spaces with little drawings. 
This was the week where it snowed for the first time over here this winter and so I decided to draw snowflakes on that day in my planner. 

I also wanted to fill in the other spaces with leaves and flowers.

This was Valentine's week- the week of love and I just had to write the word LOVE somewhere.

I even went as far as trying to draw two love birds.

I also tried drawing a bow after watching Mits' drawing tutorial on YouTube.

Tuesday last week was Pancake Day and I was inspired by the washi tape I used to go with an ice cream theme.

I loved drawing loads of pancakes and ice cream around my diary pages. 

I watched a YouTube video here on a Filofax set up where the user also used her diary pages as a bit of a journal where at the end of each day, she doodled a few things that happened during the day (highlights of the day). I thought it was kind of a cool idea-using your Filo as both a planner and journal at the same time. I just thought I would share this idea even though I don't do this very often.
Do any of you doodle/draw or journal a bit in your planner as well? If not, do you think this is something you would consider doing? Please let me know in the comments.
Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

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