Review: Mini Stabilo Fineliner Pens

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to be reviewing my 12 point 88 mini stabilo fineliner pens which I have been using for a while and which I absolutely love. 

I bought the pack of twelve from eBay.

It came with a variety of colours. 

I love the fact that the pens have a fibe nib. Very similar to the Staedtler pens.

  • They come in a wide range of colours and it has morr colours than the Staedtler pack I reviewed on here before. 
  • Their small size makes them very light, portable and very easy to carry around. Unlike the Staedtler pens with their hard protective case, I can easily throw the whole pack of my mini pens into my bag anytime. They also have a plastic bag which keeps them secure and all together.
Size Comparison

  • The pens write very smoothly and hardly any scratches.
  • The colours are very bright and do add a lot of prettiness to your pages. In my opinion,  I do think that the Stabilo pens are just a little bit brighter than the Staedtler pens. Below is a comparison.
  • They are very nicely shaped and so very easy to hold. My don't hurt neither do my fingers slide down when I use these pens.
  • These pens do bleed through on Filofax paper. I don't think it's too bad to be honest. About the same amount as the Staedtler pens. I personally thinks it depends on the thickness of the paper and how hard you press down when writing.
  • I have heard some people mention that the tips of their stabilo pens have thickened with time. I haven't experienced this with my pens. If I do, I will add to this list of cons.
I use these pens a lot in my journal and also in my Filofax for drawing and doodling. Below are a couple of drawings I did with the pens.

I have only been using these for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love them. They are really nice pens and from my experience,  I would definitely recommend stabilo pens to any Filofaxers, journallers or artists out there.
I hope this review was helpful in some way.
Thanks again for stopping by.

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