Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #3

Hello lovelies,
Welcome to another post in my monthly series where I share pages from my Scripture Art Journal. Today I will sharing my pages for March. You can view my previous pages here.

Week #9 Scripture
I love this verse so much because it emphasises the name Jehovah Jireh which is "The Lord Will Provide". It gives me comfort that no matter what happens God will meet all my needs- not wants, but all my needs.

Week #10

This is one of my favourite verses. I find it very comforting to know that He knew me even before I was born and that He already has a prosperous future planned for me. The past few years of my life have been very hectic and I have encountered plenty of difficulties in terms of  deciding my future especially when things do not go as planned. But this is one of those verses that assures me that I might make all sorts of plans but God holds tomorrow and He will direct my path and lead me to an expected end.

Week #11

I think peace is one of those things one definitely needs especially in this crazy world we live in. I find perfect peace in Christ alone. Not the kind of peace the world gives but peace like a river.

Week #12 scripture

I liked what MayMay said in her video about so many of us wanting to just sit back and letting things sort themselves out instead of actually asking for wisdom to deal with difficult situations. Whenever I think of wisdom, the first biblical character that comes to mind is King Solomon. One of the reasons he was such a great king was because he ruled with so much wisdom. It isn't normally something I would ask for but I think wisdom is very important in every day life.

Scripture for Week 13

I really love this  verse as it is all about praising the Lord and I couldn't agree more. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord :)

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for April's pages.

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