Making Lists In My Planner

Hello Filofaxers,

As we all know, making lists- especially to-do lists are very important in the planning process. I love making lists in my planner and I find it very fulfilling whenever I tick something off on my list.

I have a "Lists" section in my planner for all my different types of lists.

First set of lists in this section are to-do lists. The things I write down in this list are only tasks I would love to achieve in the long term and not immediately. Tasks without a specific deadline.

Other lists I keep in my "Lists" section are my movies to watch list, wish list, books to read list, bucket list and my online orders lists. I review these lists every now and again to see where I've gotten up to. Again, the things on this list do not have to be done urgently that's why they are in a different section in my planner.

I keep all my urgent lists in my weekly pages. I write my to-do lists with purple coloured pens. I often write these tasks on large sticky notes and keep them in my weekly pages and I tick them off as the week goes by. This way, I can see all the tasks I need to do when I go to my current week and I don't have to go to a different section in my planner.

How do you guys make lists in your planner? Please leave a comment below. I would love to know. Thanks for stopping by.

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