Friday, 17 April 2015

Medicine Application: Offers. Finally.

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I gave an update on my university application. This has been because I have had nothing to update you guys on as I have been waiting for weeks now for an offer. Not a medicine offer though. As some of you know from my previous updates, I didn't get into medicine this year and so I have been waiting for an offer for my back up choice- Biomedical Science at St George's University London. If you read my weekly post on Sunday, you would already know about how much I hate the waiting game. 

I received an email at work yesterday morning from SGUL asking me if I had already attended and dropped out from university before since I have been out of school for almost two years. I saw the email when I was on my first break so I replied telling them I have taken two gap years and never gon to uni before.. When I went for my second break at about 5:pm, I saw the email which they had sent at 4:pm saying they were delighted to offer me a place to study Biomedical Science which is my back up option. Yay!!! Finally.

One thing also I didn't mention before was the fact that Bradford University offered me a place to study Forensic and Medical Sciences even though I didn't apply for it. I decided to decline the offer and I have now firmed SGUL as my number one choice.

So come September, I will hopefully be studying in London. Omg guys can you even believe that? Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments. You guys are amazing.
Thanks for reading.