My Week #14 (2015)

My first pair of glasses and Easter

My Week #14 in my Filofax

Close Up

I got a new passport case for my Filofax accessories/I've been watching loads of smashbooking videos/My banana fruit salad/My first pair of glasses.

Verse Of The Week:
"For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things"
Psalm 107:9

This week, I went back to work after my week long annual leave. The first two nights were alright but the last one was really busy. I think I am starting to get used to or expect these really busy shifts to be honest. It comes with the job.
I also got my first pair of glasses. I chose that colour because I thought black was a bit boring. Plus the colour matches my new hairstyle. What a coincidence.Yay!!!
Speaking of hairstyle, Lyn asked to see my new hairstyle when I mentioned it in last week's post so here's a photo for you Lyn :)

Photo of braids from the back

Finally, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter. Hope you guys had a very great weekend.

Christmas and Easter are my two favourite holidays. I love this time of year because it constantly reminds me about the whole foundation of Christianity. The fact that God sent his one and only Son- Jesus Christ, who left the comfort of his throne in heaven to come down to earth and die to pay the punishment for our sins. We didn't deserve it then and we still don't deserve it now but He did anyway because He loves us that much.

And now, the best thing about it is He didn't just die and stay dead. He rose again and now He lives in me. The fact that He lives gives me assurance that I can face tomorrow with boldness because He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.

Hope you guys had a wonderful week.
Thanks for stopping by.


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