Smash Book Journal #1

My 16th Birthday

Hello everyone,
Today I will be sharing with you one of my recent obsessions. Smashbooking. Until recently, I didn't actually know the difference between scrapbooking and smashbooking. Then I stumbled upon MyGreenCow on YouTube. Her amazing "smashbook session" videos alongside all the gorgeous photos I've seen on Pinterest got me immediately sucked in and I thought I would give this a try. 

Before I left Cameroon for the UK, I got a normal A4 notebook which I used as a "Memoire" which is French for "Memories". It was basically a book where your friends wrote things about themselves in so you could remember them. Things like their favourite movies, hobbies, what they like and hate about you e.t.c. When I got to the UK I started using it as a journal as well and recording events in my life that I wanted to remember. I have now discovered a fun way of recording memories aka smashbooking.

My Memoire
The first layout I did was for my 16th birthday. Now even though I turned 16 in 2012, I have kept all the cards I received from friends and family and so I decided to use these in this smashbook layout.

Bits and pieces from my birthday cards.

Other stationery bits I thought I might use.

And voila. Here is my first ever smashbook layout. I'm still new to this so it might not be perfect but I guess smashbooks are not meant to be perfect anyway.

On one of the cards I received, I really loved the whole message inside the card and wanted to keep everything so I just cut it out and glued it on like it is. The paper is folded into four and so you can unfold and read another message inside as well.

Lastly, I couldn't help but do a bit of journalling as well coz I think sometimes, pictures without words don't say much.
What about you guys, do you scrapbook/smashbook or have you been considering it? If you do please share your favourite layouts. I would love to have a look.
Thanks for reading.

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