Sunday, 31 May 2015

My Week #22 (2015)

 Back To Work, Patients Trying To Escape And My YouTube Channel

 My Week #22 in my Filofax

On the 6;08 train going to work/ jelly, fruit and cream dessert/ My crunchy snack/Having weetabix and bananas/  Loving mini chocolate doughnuts. 

Verse Of The Week:
"Jesus answered "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"
John 14:6

This week, I went back to work after a 2 weeks break. I'm slowly but surely getting back into the busy routine. Busy, busy, busy as always.
One of the things I absolutely love about working in the hospital is all the drama that goes on there. This week. I had to deal with one of my patients who wanted to escape or self-discharge because she didn't want to be in hospital. That among other experiences made my week.

Also, I just wanted to say I have a YouTube Channel now so if you are interested you can check out my videos here,

Finally, it's just one more week left in my blogiversary giveaway so if you want to enter, you can do so here.
Hope you guys are all well.
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Friday, 29 May 2015

Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #5

Hello lovely people,

Today I am going to be sharing with you the pages from my Scripture Art Journal. These are the pages for May. You can view my previous pages here. 

Week 19

Very often in life, we encounter negativity and rejection from people and things around us. One important thing to remember though is that as long as God is on your side, everything anyone else says or does doesn't matter and never will.

Week 20

I love how this page turned out. I was going for something happy and full of joy. To represent how we should react in all situations. Always be joyful and always be thankful even if you aren't there yet, be grateful for how far you have come. Gratitude keeps us going and it opens the way for better things to come.

Week 21

I couldn't resist putting the picture of this cute little guy. The original message that came with the photo was "Back off Satan. I belong to Jesus." I decided to use it for this scripture because I love the expression on his face. How confident and bold he looks which is how we should face life situations. With boldness and confidence. For God has given us the power to trample upon serpents and scorpions because He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.

 Week 22

Christ came to die for our sins and paved a way for us to be able to create a relationship with God. When we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.

That's it for this month's pages. Join me again next month for more pages from my Scripture Art Journal. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My First Book Review: A Part Of Me

Author: Anouska Knight
Series: N/A
Published: 20 June 2014
Genres: Romance
Pages: 464
Format: Paperback
Source: Gift

This book was given to me by the lovely Megan who blogs over at It was part of the many gorgeous things she sent to me in a Spring Gift Swap we did a few weeks ago. The author of the book Anouska Knight, was the winner of ITV Lorraine's Racy Reads in 2013 and this is the second book she has written. I haven't had the chance to read her first book-Since You've Been Gone but I thought I would give this a go and if I enjoyed it, I would get the other book. After reading the synopsis at the back and reviews of this book online, I was really looking forward to reading it. This is my very first book review guys so please bear with me.

A Part Of Me follows the story of a young woman- Amy Alwood who has gone through a very traumatic past which she is still trying to recover from. She and her partner of 8 years- James Coffrey are so close to fulfilling their or her dream of adopting a child and having a family. But then she discovers a very heartbreaking secret about James which completely changes the whole picture and Amy is faced with a very difficult decision. She uses her work to try and distract herself but the situation becomes even more complicated when another man (Rohan Bywater) walks into her life. The only words she uses to describe him are words she doesn't like but still, she can't stop thinking about him. The only thing is, Rohan Bywater has made it clear that he never wants to have kids. So will Amy follow her heart and forget about her dream of having a family or will she keep living a lie and face the consequences?

When I started reading the book, it took me a while to grasp the plot but after a couple of pages, I was able to get into it. There were times I thought I knew where the story was going but then the turn out of events proved me wrong and I loved this about the book. 

My two favourite characters were Phil and Rohan Bywater. Phil isn't your average best friend. She shows her love and affection in a unique way. She has a big personality and isn't afraid to let you know what she thinks.
Rohan on the other hand is a very unpredictable guy. He lives for the moment, is not afraid to take the plunge but he is afraid of commitment. 

My least favourite character was James. I found him really annoying most of the time and I just could not connect with him or his story. Maybe because there wasn't really much information about him in the book.

A Part Of Me addresses some of the struggles some women have to go through especially when it comes to having children, adoption and how very exhausting and tiring the whole process is. It also portrays the fact that life can be ironical sometimes. Each and everyone of us go though our own battles and what someone might despise so much could be the very thing that someone else wants so badly. So we need to be grateful for the things we have.This book taught me that sometimes in life, we may set our hearts on a certain path but things happen and we find ourselves on a different course even though we don't want to go down this course. This doesn't necessarily mean we are a failure. Sometimes we are still winning but we don't always see it that way. Those are the words from Rohan Bywater himself :)

I really enjoyed this book overall. I thought it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun, heartwarming, and a little bit of romance. 

Hope you enjoyed my very first book review.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Week #21 (2015)

19th Birthday And New Ukulele

 My Week #21 in my Filofax

Some kids playing with blue gas and taking videos at the park/ My chicken teryaki sandwich from Subway/ At SportsDirect/ The stationery section at Home Bargains.

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind"
2 Timothy 1:7

This week was the second and last of my annual leave. I go back to work on Wednesday. It's been a good 2 week rest. I finally turned 19 on Friday. I wasn't looking forward to it at first coz I wanted to stay 18 but at the end of the day, one has to grow older. :)

A few photos from my birthday :)

And also, my new ukulele arrived on Monday. The mail man came really late and I almost thought I was not going to get it but it finally arrived.

The new Rosie.
 She is a Brunswick Concert Ukulele made of ABS plastic.

And there she is again next to old Rosie (My Stagg Soprano Ukulele) 
I am in love with my new ukuele. It is slightly bigger and even though it is made of plastic, it sounds so much better than the other one which is good.

Hope you guys are all well and had a good week.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Faith Journal Flip Through #6

Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite pages from my Faith Journal for April 2015. You can view my previous pages here.

These are my pages for Good Friday and Easter.

This was the verse that spoke to me most during that time and so I decided to use it on this page. I tried to portray the kind of suffering Christ went through during that time all because of our sins.

Again, this is the verse that I loved most for Easter. Easter is one of my favourite holidays because I get reminded of the wonderful thing that took place when Christ conquered the grave and rose to live again so we can live too.

This age was inspired by my getting into university. I had waited for such a long time and there were way too many bumps and grinds along the way and I couldn't be happier as everything turned out fine in the end.

This page was inspired by the theme of last month which was "That I May Know Him". I even added the lyrics to the song Knowing You Jesus by Robin Mark because I love that song.

I found this quote on twitter and I loved it because it is true.

One of the inspiring quotes I picked up during one of the Sunday services.

I think this is my quote for the year. I just love this quote so much and I have been telling myself this everyday. Where I am right now in life is not where I thought I would have been. But the truth of the matter is, I am not where I used to be. And so for now, I will be following Jesus until I reach my destiny.

Always be joyful and be grateful. Even if you are not where you want to be, be grateful that you have the strength to keep pressing on.

That's all for now guys. Be sure to check back next month to see my pages for May :)
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Smash Book Journal #2

My 17th and 18th Birthdays

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my very first smashbook layout here and I was happy excited with how it turned out. So I decided to do more smashbook projects as I wanted to reuse all my birthday cards and keep them in a place where they will be safe. I made two more layouts for my 17th and 18th birthday and thought I'd share with you guys.

For my 17th birthday

For my 18th birthday

For all my smashbook layouts so far, I have only been cutting out bits and pieces from my birthday cards and glueing them down in my smashbook. Smashbooking is a very creative way for keeping memories. I have enjoyed smashbooking so far- almost as much as I enjoy journalling. I hope to share more layouts in the future.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Week #20 (2015)

Trip To IKEA And Ukulele Strap

 My Week #20 in my Filofax

A uni shopping trip to IKEA/ What I've bought for uni so far/ At the cinema watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron/ Filofax for my friend.

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"In everything, give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
1 Thessalonians 5:18

This week was the first of my two week annual leave. My friend who is a nurse took me to IKEA to do some uni shopping. It was a really fun experience. About 10 mins after we got to IKEA, we had already started putting stuff into the trolley and then the fire alarm went off. We were all forced to leave the building and we had to abandon our trolley and rush outside. The whole rush made me scared for a bit. Some people left with the stuff they had picked up and I'm pretty sure some of them walked off without paying haha. After waiting for about 10 mins, we were finally let back in and all they told us was "We have no idea what set it off but there's no fire. You can come in now." Yay!!!
I did end up getting a few stuff.

Before going to IKEA, we went to Turtle Bay- a Carribean restaurant and the food was lovely. I also had a peanut butter and banana smoothie which was absolutely delicious. I think I might drag my friends down there next time.

I have gotten into playing my ukulele more recently and since I struggle a bit with playing it while standing up, I decided to get a strap for it.

Rosie and her strap.

It works perfectly fine for me but I ordered another ukulele online recently. This one is slightly bigger and hopefully will sound better so I'm really excited to receive it. I will hopefully share pictures next week.

If you haven't already entered my blogiversary giveaway, there is still time to enter it here.
How has your week been?
Hope you guys are all well.
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Friday, 15 May 2015

Review: Filofax Pocket Petal

Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Pocket Petal Filofax. I have never used a pocket Filofax but I got this one because I was hosting a giveaway. You can still enter my giveaway here for a chance to win this Filofax. I know the pocket size is a popular choice to be used as a wallet or even as a main planner but I use a mini as my wallet and you can check out my wallet set up here. 
Now unto reviewing this little beauty.

I really do love the colour and design of the cover of this Filofax. I love the blue, red and yellow mixed together. I thought it was very pretty. That was one of the reasons I got it.
The petal does not have a clasp but it has an elastic band which you can use to keep the Filo shut. I personally prefer the clasp on my planners mainly because I love the sound it makes when you open and close it and also because there is a chance of these elastic bands overstretching and not being able to keep the planner shut properly with time especially if the planner becomes well stuffed. That being said, I really don't have a problem using a planner with an elastic band otherwise.

The Filo also has a dashboard that matches the cover and I thought that was cute. One thing I noticed was that the planner doesn't have any inside pockets at the front and even at the back of the cover so if you want to use it as a wallet or for keeping cards and all that stuff then you might have to buy extra pockets/envelopes.

Like I mentioned in the giveaway, the planner came with old week-on-two pages inserts but you can always get new ones in a shop or online.
The Filo doesn't lay flat properly and would probably need a lot of training to get it laying flat.

It also came with A-Z dividers and it didn't have the normal Filofax dividers. I have never really used the A-Z dividers but I have seen loads of planner addicts use them in many different ways and not only in the contacts section of their planners. However, it probably would have been more preferable if it had come with the normal dividers as well. 

Coloured Filofax notepaper.

 Filofax address inserts.

 Filofax to-do inserts.

One other thing that is different about this Filofax is it pen loop, The only pocket it has is this removable transparent one and the pen loop is attached to it. The pen loop is not elastic and so will probably not be able to fit in big pens.

Here is a view of the Filofax from the back.

Top view.

Side view.

Overall, I would say this Filofax is a very cute, affordable one and would be suitable for anyone who doesn't mind any of the issues I mentioned above.
 There is still time to enter my Filofax and stationery giveaway here.
Thanks for reading.