A Day In The Life Of Joanny: The Healthcare Assistant

Hey everyone,

I have a different kind of post today. I know I have mentioned quite a lot on my blog that I work in a hospital as a healthcare assistant but I guess some of you might not have an idea of what I actually do. So I thought I would tell you guys (in pictures), a normal work day for me. Whether you are an aspiring medic on a gap year wanting to get a job as a hca or you are generally interested in what I do, this is the post for you.

Day In The Life Of  A Healthcare Assistant

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My mornings are very early because I take the train to work and so I have to consider my journey times so I can get to work on time. I wake up at 5:15, take a shower and get into my uniform.

My uniform
I have breakfast. I didn't have enough time to take a picture of my breakfast but I always have a light breakfast.

I walk to the train station to catch my train. This usually takes me about 10 mins.

My train leaves. If the train is not delayed, the journey normally takes about 8 mins.

I arrive at my station and I walk to the hospital. I could take the bus but walking is better for me. Plus it's only a 10 minute walk.
On my way to the hospital

I arrive at the hospital and I head for the cardiology ward- where I work. I have a hot drink in the office while waiting for the other hcas and nurses to arrive.

The hospital

The nurses from the night shift hand over to us and update us on what happened and how the patients were during the night. This usually takes about 30 mins. After handover, each nurse and hca is assigned to a particularly bay or number of patients. We have a total of 25 patients. 2 male bays and 2 female bays. Each bay has about 6 patients. There are most often 3 nurses and 4 hcas on a day shift and so there will be 1 hca in each bay.

We start work. We normally start by putting on the lights, getting the patients out of bed if they can and getting them ready for breakfast. We also get things ready for the patients to have a wash or shower and give assistance to those who need it. We also change the sheets and make the patients' beds. There are often some patients who will have to be weighed daily and we normally weigh these patients before breakfast.

Breakfast time. Each ward has their own trolley with trays of food. The patients' names are written on their menus on the trays. We hand out breakfasts to the patients making sure they can reach it and we help in feeding patients who are on "red trays" (Patients who need assistance with feeding).
After breakfast, we take the trays away, put them back on the trolley and continue with the washes.

We have a 10 minute tea break.

Start of breaks for staff. We have a half hour break in the morning. I usually like going on my break much later though.

I wasn't very hungry so I only had soup, a bread roll and jelly,custard and cream dessert for lunch.

Lunch time for the patients.

We start with the observations. We check the patients' blood pressures, heart rates, temperatures, respiratory rates and oxygen saturations. We report any abnormalities to the nurse.
After this we write out menus for the next day for the patients to fill in.
Most of the day is spent attending to patients' needs like assisting them when they walk to the toilet depending on their mobility.

Visiting time. Patients' are visited by their family and friends.

Start of second breaks. We have another half hour break in the afternoon. I usually just have a drink and some crisps or a yoghurt.

Supper for the patients.

Night staff start coming in.

The nurses hand over to the night staff.

End of shift. I leave the hospital and walk back to the train station.

My train leaves going back home.

Waiting for the train at the station.

The train gets to my destination.

I reach home, have a nice shower, watch tv and catch up with my family.

I go to bed. Or maybe later especially if I'm not working the next day :)

Obviously everyday is different but this is just the general routine. If you guys have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading.

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