Faith Journal Flip Through #6

Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite pages from my Faith Journal for April 2015. You can view my previous pages here.

These are my pages for Good Friday and Easter.

This was the verse that spoke to me most during that time and so I decided to use it on this page. I tried to portray the kind of suffering Christ went through during that time all because of our sins.

Again, this is the verse that I loved most for Easter. Easter is one of my favourite holidays because I get reminded of the wonderful thing that took place when Christ conquered the grave and rose to live again so we can live too.

This age was inspired by my getting into university. I had waited for such a long time and there were way too many bumps and grinds along the way and I couldn't be happier as everything turned out fine in the end.

This page was inspired by the theme of last month which was "That I May Know Him". I even added the lyrics to the song Knowing You Jesus by Robin Mark because I love that song.

I found this quote on twitter and I loved it because it is true.

One of the inspiring quotes I picked up during one of the Sunday services.

I think this is my quote for the year. I just love this quote so much and I have been telling myself this everyday. Where I am right now in life is not where I thought I would have been. But the truth of the matter is, I am not where I used to be. And so for now, I will be following Jesus until I reach my destiny.

Always be joyful and be grateful. Even if you are not where you want to be, be grateful that you have the strength to keep pressing on.

That's all for now guys. Be sure to check back next month to see my pages for May :)
Thanks for reading.

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