Review: Filofax Pocket Petal

Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Pocket Petal Filofax. I have never used a pocket Filofax but I got this one because I was hosting a giveaway. You can still enter my giveaway here for a chance to win this Filofax. I know the pocket size is a popular choice to be used as a wallet or even as a main planner but I use a mini as my wallet and you can check out my wallet set up here. 
Now unto reviewing this little beauty.

I really do love the colour and design of the cover of this Filofax. I love the blue, red and yellow mixed together. I thought it was very pretty. That was one of the reasons I got it.
The petal does not have a clasp but it has an elastic band which you can use to keep the Filo shut. I personally prefer the clasp on my planners mainly because I love the sound it makes when you open and close it and also because there is a chance of these elastic bands overstretching and not being able to keep the planner shut properly with time especially if the planner becomes well stuffed. That being said, I really don't have a problem using a planner with an elastic band otherwise.

The Filo also has a dashboard that matches the cover and I thought that was cute. One thing I noticed was that the planner doesn't have any inside pockets at the front and even at the back of the cover so if you want to use it as a wallet or for keeping cards and all that stuff then you might have to buy extra pockets/envelopes.

Like I mentioned in the giveaway, the planner came with old week-on-two pages inserts but you can always get new ones in a shop or online.
The Filo doesn't lay flat properly and would probably need a lot of training to get it laying flat.

It also came with A-Z dividers and it didn't have the normal Filofax dividers. I have never really used the A-Z dividers but I have seen loads of planner addicts use them in many different ways and not only in the contacts section of their planners. However, it probably would have been more preferable if it had come with the normal dividers as well. 

Coloured Filofax notepaper.

 Filofax address inserts.

 Filofax to-do inserts.

One other thing that is different about this Filofax is it pen loop, The only pocket it has is this removable transparent one and the pen loop is attached to it. The pen loop is not elastic and so will probably not be able to fit in big pens.

Here is a view of the Filofax from the back.

Top view.

Side view.

Overall, I would say this Filofax is a very cute, affordable one and would be suitable for anyone who doesn't mind any of the issues I mentioned above.
 There is still time to enter my Filofax and stationery giveaway here.
Thanks for reading.

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