Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #4 + Video

Hello guys
Today I am going to be sharing with you my pages from my Scripture Art Journal for April 2015. You can view my previous pages here.

Week #14

This is one of my favourite pages. I really love how the border turned out and how all the colours came together.
At first, when I read this scripture the first thing that came to my mind was physical food and water but then after taking a while to meditate on it, I realised that the hunger and thirst refers to that for spiritual food and water that gives eternal life.

Week #15

I thought this scripture was pretty much self explanatory. We are expected to live our lives the way we want but we need to remember that our choices will always lead to consequences. So we need to be careful with the choices we make because most of them will affect us and even those around us.

Week #16

Psalm 23 is one of my favourite Psalms. I like how it tries to compare  God's love as that between a shepherd and his sheep. Very deep and compassionate love and knowing that He loves us that much is very comforting.

Week #17

We always say this line at the of the service at church. It is very important to speak positive things into your life. When you speak it, you start to believe it. 

Week 18

One of my favourite verses too. This is a very encouraging verse. When things go wrong or not as expected, we need to remember thay everything will work for our good. We might not see it immediately but later on, we'll come to understand why it al happened the way it did. It's all in line with God's plan to fulfill our purpose.
This month, I thought I would do something a bit different and so I recorded a little video on my phone just giving a flipthrough of my Scripture Art Journal pages so far. It's only 4mins long so if you've got the time to spare, enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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