A Step-By-Step Faith Journal Page #1

Hello everyone,

I have a different kind of post today. As some of you may know, I love journalling and I have also shared a couple of pages from my faith and prayer journal here on my blog. I recently found some "journal with me" videos on YouTube where they show the whole process of a journal entry in midoris and hobonichi journals and I thought it was quite interesting to watch how the pages turn out.
So I decided I would try something similar but with pictures.

I hope to share the whole process of making a faith journal page from the journalling prompts to the drawings and making the whole page come together.

Just before anything else I would like to mention that this is how I do my pages. I am not sharing the process so you can do yours in exactly the same way. I am just hoping that by seeing how I come up with my pages, someone at least will get the inspiration to do theirs.
I decided to start with a very simple page this time.

This is my faith journal.
I was inspired to do this page after I did my devotions and I wanted to write down my thoughts about it.

And these are the accessories I used for this page.

I started with a blank page which I didn't really need to show as you all know what a blank page looks like.

I checked my sticky notes collection to see which one I was going to be using.

On the sticky note I chose, I decided to write down the verse that stood out to me the most from the bible passage I read using my stabilo pens. I glued this to the centre of the page.

Then I went through my washi tape stash to choose which one to use.
I decided to go for the thin, orange one.

I just placed two strips across the page above and below the sticky note.
I always date my entries at the top right and I always start my prayers with "Dear Jesus". I like to see it like me writing loads of letters to Jesus.

I went ahead and filled in the page with a prayer.

Then I went through my stickers collection to see which one to use. I don't always use stickers in my pages but I use them just for extra decoration or to fill in empty spaces on the page.

So this is what the final page looks like. I like that it is simple but also colourful.

This is a what a very basic page looks like in my faith journal and depending on the day, I might not use sticky notes or washi tape or even stickers. When I do a lot of writing, I do less decorating. Sometimes, i don't decorate at all. I just write.

I hope this post was somewhat interesting. Let me know what you think of this page in the comments below.

I hope to do more step-by-step pages in the future with more drawings, lettering, borders and all that so stay tuned for those.
Thanks for stopping by.

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