My Week #24 (2015)

Passed My Theory Test, Patients Looking After Each Other And Student Accomodation

My Week #24 in my Filofax

One of my patients gave me a book as a parting gift when he was discharged. It's called "The Eagle and the Snake". Excited to read it./ Ice cream, strawberries and blueberries/ Sun at the park/ Eating plantain chips/ Drawing and colouring/ A Scripture Art Journal page in the making.

Verse Of The Week:
"For by grace, you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God"
Ephesians 2:8

This week, I passed my driving theory test. I was so worried about the hazard perception section of the test as I kept getting zeroes in the practice from spotting the hazards too late. But I was glad to have found it easy in the real thing. I have now been trying to decide whether or not to take manual or automatic driving lessons. If you have any suggestions guys please leave a comment. I will very much appreciate it :)

I experience loads of interesting things happening in the hospital and I thought I might share these memories here on my blog so I can look back in the future and remember them. For the amount of time I have worked in the hospital, I have always admired patients who look after other patients in their bay. This week, I met a patient who came in with asthma but she always looked after the patient next to her who was confused, at high risk of falling and who normally stood up without letting anyone know. On Monday, they handed over to us that during the night, the confused patient almost had a fall and this caring patient was the first to press the call bell and went as far as running to catch this patient till she became short of breath. Good thing is everyone was fine in the end and we had a good laugh after that. Sometimes it's just so heartwarming to see people who care so much about others at the expense of their own safety. Bless her kind heart :)

Finally, SGUL sent us the June pack with info on how to apply for accommodation.  We only have two options, ensuite rooms for £152 a week in the old building or ensuite rooms for £162 a week in the new building. I really don't know if the extra £10 is worth it to be honest.

Anyway I hope you all had a brilliant week and are enjoying the fluctuating weather.
Thanks for reading.


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