Unboxing And Review: Kawaii Box June 2015

Hello guys,

Today I will be sharing with you yet again another Kawaii Box. This is the one I received this month and I will just dive straight into it.

This month, there was this card with a list of all the items that  were included in the box. This has not been done before. I think this was a very good addition because a lot of the time, I have watched so many videos on YouTube where people had no idea what the items were.

There were 12 items in total in this month's box.

First things in the box were this really cute alpaca cardholder and doughnut squishy. After watching unboxings on YouTube, I hoped I would get the doughnut with white cream and sprinkles but I got this one instead. I'm not in lovw with this one but I guess there's nothing I can do.

Next things I got were this crepe phone charm and my absolute favourite- the banana plushie. I am in love with this plushie. It couldn't be any cuter.

Next things are these cute alpaca rubber and also this chocolate bar comb.

When you open the com up, it looks like this.

Next are these cute alpaca and sheep stickers and also a mini Rilakkuma letter set.
It has tiny little envelopes which are so adorable.

Next two things I got are this notebook set which I absolutely love and also the hairband. I love hair accessories and so the hair band is also one of my favourites.

Next I got this fineliner pen with red ink and the snack of the month which was this strawberry flavoured gum.

And I also got the usual vouchers for the kawaii box website, Blippo website and also an introduction to the Japan Candy Box.

And these are all the twelve items I received again.

I really loved the items in this box. The only things I would have preferred not to have had are the doughnut squishy and the crepe phone charms. What do you guys suggest  I do with all these phone charms and squishies? Do you just hand them up or throw them in your purse, coz I think the charms a little too big. Please let  me know in the comments.

Find below the unboxing video.

Thanks so much for reading.

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