Unboxing And Review: Patchwork Hearts Pocket Paperchase Filofax

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing one of the Filofaxes I got recently but not for me. I recently introduced my best friend who lives in Cameroon to Filofaxes and to get her completely initiated into the planner world, I got her this patchwork hearts pocket paperchase Filofax.
She completely loved the design and she wouldn't even look at others because she was already in love with this one. So I thought maybe I would review it here on my blog before I send it off to her.

This is the packaging it came in.

And there she is in all her glory. She is very pretty, I really do love the design. The cover feels so soft and is made of some leather-like material. 

I also really love the little love heart button. It has an elastic band which goes over the button to keep the planner shut. The band is pretty strong and looks like it would hold a stuffed planner.

Opening it up, you have the horizontal card slots on the right and also the flappy horizontal pocket. One thing I never realised until after going through the pictures was the fact that there is no pen loop. All the other paperchase organisers I've seen all have pen loops so I was a bit surprised when I found out this one doesn't have one. There could be other ways of keeping your pen in the planner but I still think a pen loop makes everything easier.

Standard WO2P inserts. 
All paperchase organisers come with six dividers that have already been labelled but you can always relabel them or better still, make your own dividers.

Coloured paper

Address inserts.

Square paper

Also has a notepad in the back pocket.

View from the back.

Size comparison.
Left- Aqua Saffiano Filofax in personal size.
Right- Raspberry Filofax Metropol in mini size.

Overall, I think this is a very beautiful organiser. My only concern is the fact that it doesn't have a pen loop but I don't have any problems with it other wise.
Thanks for reading.


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