A Step-By-Step Faith Journal Page #2

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to share with you how I made another Faith journal page from start to finish. I did the same kind of post last month and I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested but I'm glad some of you liked the idea so I thought I might do another one. You can view the first post here.

N.B: I apologise for the difference in the lighting of the photos. I couldn't manage to finish it in one day or take the pictures in the same location, hence the different lightings.

This page was inspired by the song I smile by Kirk Franklin. I really love that song especially the chorus which encourages us to keep smiling even though things don't work out well. Only because by smiling, we believe that God is working and we look so much better when we smile.

I started out by trying to find a suitable border for the page. I love flowery borders and so a quick search for "Flowery borders" on google got to find the one above which I loved so I decided to do something similar.

I didn't like the fact that all the flowers were the same colour so I decided to use different colours for each flower. Some of the colours were repeated though. This was how the bottom looked like.

And this is the completed flowery border for the page.

Next thing I went on to do was write down the words. I started with those that stood out to me more which was "I SMILE" and wrote those out first at the bottom of the page. The font was one I randomly came up with. The words started out looking like that in the picture above.

And then I filled them in with some colour so they ended up looking like this.

Then I went ahead and wrote down the rest of the words at the top of the page.

I didn't like the way they looked so I tweaked the lettering a little bit more.

And the finaly result looked like this.

Finally, I added a few stickers to cover up the empty spaces and this is the final result.

I really loved the way the page turned out. It is now one of my favourite pages in my Faith Journal.
You can get a lot of inspiration from the lyrics of songs. Especially if they are words worth remembering. It is so nice if you could have them somewhere where you can look at them over and over again to remind yourself of how true these words are.
Anyway, that is all I have to share today. I hope this gave you some decoration ideas at least for your journal. I will try and fit in more of these kind of posts in the future.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

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