DIY Filofax Top Loading Envelope

Hello lovely people,

It's been a while since I did a DIY post so I thought I would share this idea with you about how to make a top loading envelope for your planner. I first saw this idea in a YouTube video but unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the YouTuber but I thought I would share anyway because it is a good idea.

The main item you will need in this tutorial is one of them self seal transparent envelopes or wallets that sticker sheets often come in. 

They look like this with the sticker sheets in it.

And like this when the sticker sheets are taken out.

Other items you would need are a pair of scizzors, some washi or deco tape, a hole puncher and a normal filofax insert to use a s template.

You might want to start off by taping the ends on the envelope/wallet. I decided to do just one side but you could do both if you want. I find that the washi tape adds a bit of colour especially if you need to seal one side of the wallet. It would look much better using washi tape rather than using normal tape.

Using the Filofax paper as a template, you could then holepunch the wallet on which ever side you prefer.
Mine looked like this in the end.
And voila. You've got your very own top loading envelope. You could completely remove the part at the top that seals it so the envelope will be completely open but I decided to keep this so my goodies would be more secure.
Hope this tutorial was a bit helpful.
Thanks for stopping by.

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