My Week #27 (2015)

Hottest Day Of The Year, Booked Driving Lessons And Terminator Genisys

My Week #27 in my Filofax

Having a Barbecue after church/ Fried plantains and beans. I love it/ Two parcels ready to be sent./ A workout session at the park/ It was so hot, the maltesers from the vending machine were melting/ Trying on clothes at Dorothy Perkins.

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"Love your neighbour as yourself"
Matthew 22:39

It was very sunny and hot this week and it was such a shame that I had to spend the hottest day of the year in the hospital ward. I was working that day and with temperatures close to the 30s, I could say it was boiling hot on the ward. The hospital did get fans which cost £300 ish for each ward but then again they don't really do much. We also finally bought a fan for the house and I had to sleep with my window open most nights.

I watched Terminator- Genisys yesterday and I thought the movie was really good. It was funny and I thought it was quite cool how they were able to include four different versions of Arnold in that movie. It was a bit confusing at first for me because I have never watched any of the Terminator movies before but I love movies with a happy ending :)

Finally guys, I booked my first set of driving lessons this week. My first lesson will be on the 21st of July. everything is so exciting and I can't wait to start learning to drive. I finally went for the manual because I thought I might just try it out first and see how I get on with it and if I struggle (which i really hope I don't) then I might go for automatic.

Anyway how has your week been? Are you guys enjoying the weather?
Thanks for stopping by.

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