Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #7

Hello guys,

Today, I will be sharing with you the pages from my Scripture Art Journal for the month of July.

Week 27

First up is this scripture. Matthew 22:39. When I was going through images online looking for inspiration for this page, I came across this picture and I just loved it. One thing I really do admire about little children is how much love they portray or show each other. Their love has no barriers, they don't judge each other and most of them get along. I think we need to take a lesson from children and act accordingly. We live in a world today where the love is getting sucked out day by day. It is a real shame to see all the things happening around us. Love has no barriers. The world desperately needs more love but it starts with you.

Week 28

Again one very encouraging verse in times of struggle. I tend to get nervous about change. And then I start to worry and then doubts and regret sets in soon after. This verse reminds us to not worry. Be grateful and cast your burdens upon Him for He cares for you. He will take care of you. So when anxiety sets in, ask you "Have I prayed about it as much as I've talked about it?"

Week 29

This turned out to be one of my favourite pages. I love the floral border. This verse is not a very popular one with me but the word "transcend" immediately caught my attention.
Transcend- to go beyond the range or limits. 
That's how this verse describes the peace of God. This inner peace goes beyong measurable limits and this peace alone will keep us going in this crazy world.

Week 30

The word of God is my strength. When I am losing hope, I run to Him. I read about His promises, I read about His will for me, I read about what He did and what He will still do. His word is flawless. I rest in His unchanging word because He is a faithful God.

That's all I have to share for now. Stay tuned for my August pages :)
Thanks for reading.

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