Guest Post #1: Jenny's Thoughts About Starting University

***Hello lovely people,
September is drawing near meaning it will soon be time for the start of university for some people like me. In preparation for this great big change, I have been trying to put together a mini university series. The aim is to learn from the experiences of others and get a bit of an idea of what university life is like. Hopefully this well help prospective student. I did ask a couple of other student bloggers if they were willing to share their thoughts about starting university and and so today, we will be hearing from the very lovely Jenny.***

My name is Jennifer and I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Bristol. Joanny has kindly asked me to answer a few questions on my university experience and I hope that this post will be useful for anyone thinking of going to university. You can follow what I get up to both at and away from university on my blog- http//

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1. How did you feel before starting university? What were your fears and what were you looking forward to?

I was really excited to go to university. Most of my friends from home had already started at least a week or two before me, so I was keen to just go and get started – I felt like I was missing out still being at home!
I went to university not knowing a single person so I was a little bit nervous about that – most of my friends had at least someone they knew also going to their university. However I knew I wouldn’t be the only person in that situation and saw it as a chance to be completely free to make brand new friends.
I had joined a Facebook group of people who would be on my course and found a few people who were also going to be in my halls of residence. A few people added me on Facebook and we exchanged a few messages and helped each other out with some of the processes like filling in forms and deciding what we needed to bring. Of the five people who added me on, I’ve lived with two for the past four years and am good friends with a third – not bad going!
I was looking forward to starting my course, meeting new people and just having a great time. I wasn’t sure what to think about freshers’ week  - I’ve never been a massive fan of night clubs, but luckily I found plenty of people who were like me. We’d go out but maybe leave around 1am which is just how I like it!

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2. How was your actual uni experience compared to what you anticipated?

It’s quite hard to remember what I was expecting four years ago! Medicine has a reputation for being a really difficult course and I expected to have to spend every waking minute studying in order to keep up. In reality, I found the first three years very manageable and had plenty of time to relax and socialise without really making much compromise on my work. Fourth year has been harder, there’s a lot more to learn and with exams approaching it was the first time I’d really felt overwhelmed by work. But it’s always do-able and it’s a case of being organised and helping each other out.

I also thought that I’d probably only go home about once a term inbetween the holidays, but in reality it’s been more often than that. I love my university life, but sometimes you just need a few home comforts!

I expected to lead quite a stereotypical student life – eating poorly, always looking to save pennies and not being able to have many treats. Again, in reality I found that this doesn’t have to be the case and I’ve been able to do plenty of nice things like days out, going to nice restaurants and enjoying cheese and wine nights with friends!

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3. What advice would you give to anyone starting university?

First of all - don’t stress about it!
Don’t be afraid to start up conversation with pretty much anyone. Some of them you’ll probably never speak to again, others will become your best friends.
Get organised before you go – find out what you’ll need for your course and for your accommodation
Don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to really settle in. It’s a massive change, especially if you’re far from home. You won’t be the only one.
Budget, or at least watch your money, from the beginning. It’s a good habit to get into early on. For the first year I actually kept track of every penny I spent and it made me so aware of what a cheap week vs an expensive week felt like.

If you’re off to university after this summer, do enjoy it! If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to check out my blog and get in touch via my contact details there.
Thanks again to Joanny!

***Thank you very much Jenny for your lovely post. If you would like to get more of Jenny, make sure to check out her lovely lifestyle blog. 
Thank you very much for reading.***


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