Guest Post #3: Megan's Thoughts About Starting University

*Hello everyone, I am continuing my university series again today with another guest post. This time, we will be hearing from the amazing Megan who blogs over at Megan was my partner in the spring gift swap I took part in in March and I got to know her a little better through the whole experience. She is a  very lovely person and I hope you enjoy her post"

Hello Joanny's lovely followers! I'm excited to be a part of Joanny's university series so I'm here to share some of my wisdom (haha) and talk about my university experience.

1. How did you feel before starting university? What were your fears and what were you looking forward to?

I was a combination of terrified and really, really excited, which I think is completely normal! I was definitely ready to leave home and start a new adventure, but I was also really nervous about making friends. I was scared about making the transition to be long-distance with my boyfriend too, so whilst overall I was excited, I was worrying about lots of things.

2. How was your actual uni experience compared to what you anticipated?
My university experience (so far - I've got one year left) has been fantastic. I really love my course and whilst I haven't made a ton of friends, I've got a solid group who I live with and couldn't be happier. I made the relationship with my boyfriend work too, which has been tough at times but I think it's really helped us. I've done things that I never thought I would do; i.e. becoming a student ambassador which involves talking in front of groups of people, giving campus tours and things like that. I think uni has definitely helped improve my confidence, which I didn't think it would to the extent that it has.

3. What advice would you give to anyone starting university?

Oh gosh, there's so much advice I want to give!

Um, number one would be don't do anything you aren't happy doing. Whether it's drinking/partying, getting involved with people, or letting people share your food; don't do it if you don't want to. For the most part, I think people at uni are really understanding of the fact that everyone's different. If you don't drink you can still go out and have fun so don't be worried about not making friends because you don't drink (you will).

Number two would be make the most of freshers. Freshers is a time to meet people and make new friends; not just to get so drunk you pass out in your kitchen and wake up covered in your own sick. Half the people I met in freshers are people I've never seen or spoken to again, but it was the time that I solidified a bond with my flatmates so it's worth taking part.

Number three... go to all your lectures. I know, I know, I'm not your mum. BUT SERIOUSLY. You're paying £9000 a year for them, you might as well turn up. Your sleeping pattern is bound to be a little messed up post-freshers, but don't lose sight of why you came to uni in the first place!

So, that's my two cents on university life. You can find me at if you have anything you want to ask me! 
*Thank you so much for your guest post Megan. I loved your answers and it was very fun to read. Don't forget to check out Megan's blog for more uni style, scrapbooky, stationery, project life, lifestyle and other interesting posts. Thanks for reading*


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