Guest Post #4: Sam's Thoughts About Starting University

*Hello guys, I have one final guest post for you today in this mini university series. In today's post, we will be hearing from the very amazing Samantha all the way from the United States She will be telling us about her experiences so far with college. I first found out about Sam's blog when I was looking for student bloggers online. I found her university and organisational posts really useful. I really do hope you enjoy reading her post. *

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1. How did you feel before starting university? What were your fears and what were you looking forward to?

I was very excited to go to college and become independent – find myself. I was always prepared for the day I take on adulthood and responsibilities. I was looking forward to all the people I was going to meet and the dorms! I am an Engineering undergraduate who had the opportunity to live in an Engineering Residential College – I just love the idea of a community of engineers living together. Although I was eager for the social aspect of college, I dreaded the actual learning. I was able to sit in a one-and-a-half-hour-long physics lecture before classes started, and half of my peers fell asleep or got bored. Sadly, I was one of them. I just thought there was no interaction between the professor and students, just the professor reading off slides and giving explanations. I go to a large university, so it’s very intimidating to give your input or ask a question in class in front of 300-1000 people. I was scared to ask a question with the possibility of receiving an obvious answer. I feared my insecurities would hinder my education. Yes, I was very outgoing with my peers outside of class; but when it comes to professors, I get very intimidated and frightened to come off as ignorant.

2. How was your actual uni experience compared to what you anticipated?

I actually missed my parents in the first week – I felt sooo lonely… I cried. Of course, my roommate hasn’t moved in yet, but things started lifting up once she did. I had company and my mind was distracted. Going into my classes, there was so much that needed to be done! I wasn't prepared for such a heavy course load in my first semester, I was so used to high school homework and classwork. It’s tough to maintain your grade because in university, there aren’t many assignments, exams, and grades that factor into your final grade like in high school. Also, professors make or break your grade! Be sure to schedule a professor with good reviews. I had to train myself to become disciplined and create a strong work ethic to prevent getting behind. I also learned how to study efficiently and effectively in order to avoid burning out or studying hours upon hours with the same effect.

Found an awesome booth at the library with an open view!

3. What advice would you give anyone starting university?

Don’t mind what others may think of you – follow your heart and goals. Think positively and positive things will come to you. Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to ask questions – chances are ten other people have that same question in mind. Always be kind to others, because one day you’re going to need connections. Schedule study times and break times to keep on track and avoid procrastinating. Set long-term and short-term goals and keep those in mind every day. Remember why you started and what you’re trying to accomplish. Study effectively and efficiently – block social media, know what your professors expect of you, and avoid procrastinating. Keep an agenda or planner to avoid getting behind. An agenda is a helpful and visual tool to see upcoming exams and quizzes. Also, try to avoid the Freshman 15. It’s easy to gain, but not easy to lose. Learn from me. Good luck to all!

*Thank you ever so much for being part of this mini series Sam. I found your post very informative and useful. If you loved Sam's post too and would like to see more of her, don't forget to check out her blog here and also her Tumblr here. She covers various areas such as lifestyle, recipes, health, fitness, college life, study, planning and organisation.*
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