University Haul 2015 #3: Stationery

Hello everyone,
Today I will be sharing with you some of the stationery items I have gotten so far for university. If you would like to see what I got for the bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen, click here and here.

First thing I got is this Roxy backpack. I wanted something big with loads of pockets and something that will last for at least a year. I love it but sometimes I think it might just be too big for me. I guess we will see. I got it from the website

I also got a new Filofax for university. It is a compact Kyoto Rose Paperchase Filofax. I bought it in November last year. I decided to downsize so it will be easier for me to carry around. I will be doing a detailed post about my not so new Filofax soon.

Notebooks- Poundland

White Tack- Poundland
Correction Set- Poundland
A6 Project Book- Poundland
Jotter Block- Poundland

Pack of Ballpoint pens- Tesco
Office Essentials Kit- Ryman

Pencil Case- WH Smith
Calculator- WH Smith

Ruler- WH Smith
Highlighter Set- WH Smith
Silvine Record Cards- Amazon
Maped Rubbers- WH Smith
Shopper's Coin- WH Smith
Sharpener- WH Smith

After reading through this post, I just realised that I haven't really gotten that much stationery which is surprising for me. I am trying not to overdo it this time and get only the essentials and then I will get more when I get there. I still need to get my folders and lever arch files though.
In my next post, I will be showing you other random items I got so stay tuned.
Thanks for stopping by.


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