Faith Journal Flip Through #8

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I did one of these posts. That is because I had neglected my Faith Journal for a while due to the fact that I became too busy to pick it up. I wasn't using it as much as I used to before but I missed journalling and I soon realised that it has become a part of me and it helps me connect with God even more. I have recently gotten back into the swing of things and will be sharing with you some of the pages from the past couple of months.

This page was inspired by me passing my driving theory test back in June. This was one of my goals for this year to pass my theory test at least and I was so glad I did.

The theme of the month of June was "Wonder". And I must say that June was a really good month. God was so kind to me, my family, my friends, my loved ones and so many others I knew received answered prayers that month. I also really loved the story that went with the theme which was from Acts 3:1-10 about the man at the Beautiful Gate. He had been lame from birth and he was also a beggar asking for alms at the Beautiful Gate but that day, he had found special favour in God's sight and instead of the alms he normally gets, he was completely healed so that even those who knew him before were filled with wonder and amazement. If we keep trusting in Jesus, our story will be no different.

This page was inspired by the song Oceans by Hillsong. I really do love the lyrics to this song.

On the left page, I wrote down all the things that I was grateful to God for. I had a little reflection and thought about all my answered prayers. Gratitude is the open door for abundance.

This page was inspired by one of the daily devotions I had from the app- Our Daily Bread. There is always a sentence that sums up each teaching everyday and the one for that day was "You need not fear the darkness, if you are walking with the light of the world"
And I thought I had to keep reminding myself about this.

The theme for July was "Alone In Christ" and I learned that sometimes, when things get tough, you just have to seek God's face alone like what the prophet Elijah did. According to 1 Kings 18:22-39, there were 450 prophets of Baal and Elijah was on his own but God still answered his prayer. Getting some alone time with God is very important. 

The theme of last month was "Restoration". 
Just like the story of Job, God is able to restore unto us everything we have lost.

This page was inspired by one of my favourite songs I Give Myself Away by William McDowell. The race we run is not an easy one but it does help when we surrender our hearts to God and let him use us for His glory.

That is all for now. I hope I can still continue to journal even when I go to university because it is a very important part of me.
Thanks for reading.


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