My Week #39 (2015)

Fresher's Fair, CU Meeting, Comedy Hypnotist, Lab coats, Mums And Dads And Timetables

My Week 39 in my Filofax

Freebies I got from the fresher's fair/ The very first meal I cooked at university/ Me having chocolate ice cream in the Student Union cafe/ Our first induction lecture/ The rain wasn't too kind to my poor Filofax/ Me about to cook again.

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you"
Matthew 6:33

This week was the first of fresher's fortnight here at St George's and so to make things easier, I'll share what happened each day.

We had our very first induction lecture and we were given our induction week timetable. We also had the fresher's fair later in the morning and I signed up for quite a few clubs and soceities like the Christian Union, SGUL Gospel Choir and Volleyball. I also signed up for a few charities like SKIP (volunteering to help locals in Kenya) and The Teddy Bear Hospital (volunteering in nurseries, clinics and paediatric wards). There was the Back To School Disco event in the evening but I didn't go to this event.

We had a couple more introductory lectures and later in the evening, my friends and I went to the first ever Christian Union meeting. Everyone was so friendly and we got to play loads of games and had loads of food to share. I am really excited about future meetings.
Later on that night, my friend and I went to a Comedy Hypnotist show. I had never seen a hypnotist live so this was a different and really fun experience for me.

We got our white lab coats for lab practicals and also had to buy blue lab coats to use in the dissecting room to learn anatomy.
 I went to town after lectures with my friend to finally get necessary food and I was exhausted after that. We had to go to Kaspas later that evening to get some dessert but I was too tired after the trip to town later in the afternoon so I had a lie in.

We had the undergraduate Mums and Dads event in the evening. Mums and Dads is an event hosted by George's where each first year gets given a "Mum" or a "Dad" in second year to basically help you out through out the year and you also get "grandparents" in third year and you get to be part of a "family". I think it is a really cool system and most of my "cousins" and other "family members" are in the Christian Union so I,m glad I was put together with like minded people.

We had no lectures at all and it was so boring coz two of my flat mates went home for the weekend and so there were less people to talk to.
There was the Toga and Tequila event in the evening but I didn't attend.

Also a free day and we didn't really have much to do.
It went by so quickly. I watched a movie with my flatmates.

I tried out a new church today with my friends. They were really friendly and nice and so I think we will be going back there next week.

#Haircrush of the week
I'm in love with her frohawk :)

Hope you guys had a good week.
Thanks for reading.


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