Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #10

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be sharing with you pages from my scripture art journal for the month of October. 
Time flies by really quickly and I can't believe I have kept this going every week since the beginning of 2015. 
If you would like to have a look at my previous pages, click  here.

Week 40

Whenever I have any scriptures mentioning the Bible or the Word of God, I always have the urge to go for the drawing of a Bible. This scripture also reminds me so much of Psalm 119:11 which says "Thy Word have I hidden in my heart, so that I may not sin against thee". 
The theme for this scripture art journal challenge is "I will hide His word in my heart". I don't think anyone could stress enough about how important it is for us to let God's Word dwell in us. It is so much more than just reading it, it is getting to know our Creator and having that personal relationship with Him. His Word gives wisdom, knowledge, understanding, comfort and all the answers we seek so we should not let His word depart from our hearts and mouths so the enemy will not get the chance to bring us down.

Week 41

This scripture reminds me so much of the song What a faithful God by Robert Critchley. 
"Lord, I come before your throne of grace. 
I find rest in your presence and fullness of joy. 
In worship and honour I behold your face singing 
'what a faithful God have I'"
He is the same faithful God in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the same God that reigns today and He still will be the same God tomorrow. He still will always remain the faithful God.

Week 42

I really do love this scripture. It is one of the very many in the Bible that encourages us when we feel like we are situations without hope. When we feel like God is silent or that He is just taking way too long to answer our prayers. This scripture encourages us to wait upon the Lord. He shall renew our strength and mount up on wings like eagles. My favourite part of the verse is "They shall run and not be weary; and walk and not faint"
Our faithful Lord will always be there to give us strength to carry on.

Week 43

We have quite a few scriptures about peace. Eternal peace. And I don't mind that because I like to be reminded that the only true peace you can find is in the arms of Jesus.

Week 44. 
You may or may not have noticed that the left hand side is a bit different than normal. That is because my friend decided to do that page which I thought was cute.

I really do love this scripture. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"
In very we do, we should strive to draw closer to God because the closer we get to Him, the closer He gets to us. The personal relationship with Him edifies us spiritually and physically.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. That's all I have to share for now. 
Thanks ever so much for reading.
Hope you have a lovely day.
God bless.


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