Inside My Faith Filofax

***Warning: Too many photos alert***

Hello guys,
I've got another post I have been wanting to share for a very long time. 

This is my Faith Filofax. My Aqua Saffiano is my very first Filo and I used to have it as my main planner. You can view my previous set ups here and here.
I moved in to my Compact Kyoto Rose Paperchase Planner for uni and decided to use this one as my Faith Filofax.
Of course I just had to use my letter stickers to add the word Faith at the front.

I got this really gorgeous crepe charm from a kawaii box I received a few months ago. You can see the other items I got in that box here.

At the front, I used my previous dashboard from my old set up  because I feel like it goes really well with the purpose of the Filofax.

Next I have one of my favourite poems which is the story about the footprints. It touches my heart every single time I read it and so I just had to have it in my planner. 

My very first section is "GRATITUDE"

I have always wanted to have a gratitude journal. I feel that being grateful and giving thanks is very important and in order to motivate me to be more grateful to my Heavenly Father, I decided to have a gratitude section in my Filo. The aim is to try and write down one thing I am grateful for everyday. Uni has taken up most of my life and I sometimes forget to write in it but it does encourage me to be more grateful.

The next section is "BIBLE STUDY"

When I do my bible study, I do write down a few notes in this section.

The next section is "SERMON NOTES". 
Every time I go to church, I do write out my sermon notes in this section. 

I use this bookmark.

The next section is "INSPIRE".

In this section, I keep my favourite quotes in here.

The next section is "FAVOURITES"

I have a list of one of my favourite movies.

Christian books.

The last section is "MISCELLENEOUS"
I just keep all the random bits and bobs here.

At the back of my planner, I keep my stickers, sticky notes and some labels.

That's all I have to share for now guys,
I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Have a lovely day.
God bless.


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