My Week #45 (2015)

Fashion Show Rehearsal Week 2, God Speaking To Me, Filofax Disappointment, Fireworks And Worship Night

Week 45 in my Filofax

Lunch in the canteen/ We were learning about the autonomic nervous system in a perculiar way/ In the library/ I passed my TBH safeguarding exam yay!!!/ New Filofax/ In Wemberley for a worship night :)

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full."
John 16:24b

The week started off really nicely and I had fashion show rehearsals in the evening. Its only 2 weeks now till the fashion show so I guess we've been putting in a lot of hardwork.

I had another accessed practical as I mentioned in last week's post and I have to say that it was much better than the one I had the week before. Everything went like it was supposed to and so I just hope and pray that the results are good.

Later that evening, we had a talk from a guest speaker at the Christian Union meeting. I really did enjoy that talk and it felt as if God was using him to speak to me in such a perculiar way. The message was about God's grace and empowerment and how we underestimate the grace of God and feel like we can't live our lives the way God wants us to even though He has given us the ability.
I most definitely will do another post about this in a few days so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested. In summary, I really enjoyed this talk and really hope that God continues to use others to bless us.

I can't remember if I had mentioned earlier that I sent off my DBS application form last week but I did and I finally got the certificate in the post which was exciting.

Also, I recently bought a new Filofax (review coming soon) from a WH Smith outlet on eBay and they sent it to me without the ring mechanism. I was really not happy and I have emailed them and they said they were going to investigate it. One of the reason I got it was because of the rings and so I was pretty disappointed when it didn't have any ring mechanism.

There has been loads of fireworks this week. Unfortunately, apart from the ones I saw out of my uni room window, I din't really go to any special fireworks event because my week has just been so busy.
Did you guys go to see any fireworks, let me know in the comments :)

We had a Gospel Choir rehearsal and we are currently practising for our Cookies and Carols on the 2nd of December so Christmas songs are in the air. I am really excited for Christmas :)

I went for a Youth Worship Night and my uni mum's church in Wemberley and I have to say that I had the most amazing night ever. What could be better than singing and praying to God for most of the evening. It was really nice to feel God's presence and to see Him at work in young people. God is awesome :)

I was really tired when I woke up and so after church, I just decided to rest a little while before studying.

#Haircrush of the week
Mega puff :)

Hope you guys had a lovely week.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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