My Week #46 (2015)

Fashion Show Rehearsals Week 3, Student Ambassador Photoshoot, Mum and Dad Coming To Visit And Practice, Practice, Practice

Week 46 in my Filo

Studying pharmacology/ At Fashion Show weekend rehearsals/ My first typed up notes :)/ I got  a Fashion Show hoodie to spread the love/ My set up in the library.

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son- that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"
John 3:16

This week was the start of the third week of rehearsals. The show is in 11 days and it's starting to get a bit intense.

I didnt really have much going on except for my dance rehearsals. I had one during the Christian Union meeting so I only ended going after my rehearsal when the talk was over. I still got food though so it's alright :)

I had one of my very first experiences of being a student ambassador.  We had a photo shoot and they are going to use the photos in the uni prospectus. It was really nice meeting some of the other student ambassadors and just talking. The photo
shoot was at one of the local pubs and the uni paid for all our food and drinks.

Also my mum and dad came down to visit me. I haven't had the chance to go home yet since I came to uni so it was really nice of them to come down. I will be going home this weekend anyway so I am really looking forward to that :)
It was just another busy day with loads of lectures and more dance rehearsals.

There was a south London unis christian union weekend away which most of my friends went to for the whole weekend but I couldn't go because I had Fashion show weekend rehearsals.

This was the start of our very first fashion show weekend rehearsals. The day went by really quickly. My first rehearsal was at 11am but before I knew it was 4pm and it was starting to get dark again. My whole was mostly spent in the libary and then dancing.

After rehearsals, we had our first ever run through of all the dances and I got the opportunity to see some of the other dances. The dances are really but taking all the feedback we got into mind, we still need to put it a lot more work an practice, practice, practice. It's all for charity-for good cause :)

Well until next time, I hope you guys are having a good week so far.
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