Unboxing And Review: A4 Zipped Pennibridge Filofax in Cobalt Blue

Hello lovely people,

Yes I know. You might have already guessed from the title. Today I am going to be reviewing yet another Filofax and yes I bought it for myself.
I would have never thought that I would ever buy a Filofax bigger than the personal size but here I am about to review an A4 size Filo. I totally skipped the A5 and went even bigger this time.
I actually will tell you guys why I bought this gorgeous Filo and the sad story that comes with it :(

I got it from a WH Smith outlet on eBay and this is how it was packaged.

This is how it looked taking it out from the plastic packaging.

It had a Filofax plastic covering over it like most Filofaxes do.

I tried to take a closer photo so you guys could see the true colour as it appears to be darker in most of the pictures. I'm not sure if the material is real leather or not but it feels nice, soft and easy to hold.

I totally love the cobalt blue colour. It was nice to see that there was actually another a4 Filo out there that was not black. I wasn't very keen on the zipped Filofaxes before but because I wanted to use this to keep the contents of my portfolio, I really wanted to try it out as I loved the idea of having everything contained inside it.

This is what it looks on the inside. For a Filofax, some of you might be thinking, "where are the rings?"
Well I thought the same thing too when I opened it up and realised it didn't come with a ring mechanism. The colour is still really beautiful on the inside and I love the fact that it is consistent all through.

On the left cover, there are two vertical zipped pockets and another without a zip.

On the other side, there is the a4 notepad it came with which I thought would be really handy for someone who is using it as folder for taking notes or so.
I wasn't very keen on the fact that the pen loop was at the centre. It looks alright now I guess because the rings are missing but I can imagine having to deal with my pen and the rings so close together.

This is what the notepad looks like. It just came with normal lined paper. 

And this is the view from the back.

Overall. I think it is a very lovely Filofax and would make a great folder for keeping your notepad and taking notes or even just for storing loose paper.
Sadly, because it didn't come with the rings, I would have to return it and get another one. I might not be getting a Filofax and so I just thought I would review it here on my blog before sending it back.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
God bless :)


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