University: What's In My Bag?

Hello guys,
Today I have another university post and I just wanted to quickly share with you all what I carry with me to uni on a daily basis.
Every day is different and the number of things I have in my bag will depend on the modules or number of lectures I have that day. 

This is my back pack and some of you might recognise it from when I did my uni haul posts way back in August. I got this back pack from and I thought it was too big then but I actually find it really useful. It has three main pockets and I love this so I can seperate my stuff in my bag.

In the largest pocket or compartment, I keep the following;
 A4 refill pad for writing down notes during lectures,
My Anatomy booklet for dissection session (I don't usually have this but this was a Monday and I normally have my sessions in the dissection room on Mondays so I needed this book. On Tuesdays, I have my practicals book instead)
A pocket for keeping any loose leaf papers or work I have.
My tablet which the uni gave to us. I have found this device really useful and I will do a ppost in the future about how I use it at uni.
My pencil case.
My glasses.

Then in the second largest compartment, I normally keep my labcoats when we need to use them. This was a Monday like I mentioned and we wear blue lab coats in the dissection room. My lab practicals lab coats is white.
I also put my water bottle in here and my packed lunch too.

Then in the smallest pocket, I have my wallet which is a mini Filofax. If you are interested in how I set up this Filofax, you can click here.
Then I also have this little folder which houses my anatomy flashcards and record cards. I bought it from Ryman and I find it really useful.
I also have a little inhaler there because because I was battling a cold recently.
I forgot to insert my planner in the very first photo so I put it here instead. Normally I keepp my planner in the main compartment. I will be sharing my university set up soon guys so keep your eyes peeled.

That's all I have got to share for now. Hope this post was a bit interesting because I like having a look into what others carry around with them.
What do you guys carry with you on a normal uni/school/college day?
Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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