My Week #49 (2015)

New Month, International Students Christmas Meal, Cookies And Carols, Clinical Skills Training, Practical Write Up Deadline, Family Christmas Dinner And Being Grateful.

Week 49 in my Filofax

At Cookies and Carols/ I decorated a gingerbread man/ Celebrating Christmas/ Eating Egusi soup/ At my uni family Christmas dinner

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things"
Philippians 4:8


This week was the first after Fashion Show and I found that I missed it quite a lot. I was able to get hold of some of the videos from the show and I have found myself watching them several times. I think I might have "Fashion Show Withdrawal"
We had an international students Christmas meal at lunch time. I am not an international student but I went with my flatmate who is an international student. We had some food, got involved in a gingerbread man decorating competition and also enjoyed some christmas  music from the SGUL choir.
Later that evening, we had one of the famous events here at George's hosted by the CU called "Cookies and Carols". It was such an amazing event with loads of people and lots of talents being showcased. We had poems, spoken words, rapping, beautiful voices and Christmas Carols. We also had lots to eat as well. I am part of the Gospel Choir and we did perform two Christmas Carols as well. It was such a lovely time.
We didn't have any lectures but I had my clinical skills training which was a training offered by the Student Ambassador Scheme. SGUL offers Clinical Skills Days where we get the opportunity to teach 11-16 year olds basic clinical skills such as hand washing, pregnant tummy, Basic Life Support, Blood Pressure, Pulses and loads more.
 We didn't have any lectures as well so I tried to get as much work done as I could. I also had to tie up some loose ends with my practical write up.
This was the last day we were meant to hand in our practical write ups. We had 2 weeks to do it and I didn't want to have to deal with mine last minute so I completed it the night before and then submitted it in the morning. 
The highlight of my Saturday was the family Christmas meal we had. My university family organised a Christmas dinner and we all had to cook and bring food to share with others. My flatmate and I are in the same family so we made fried rice together. There was loads of food including chicken, fried plantains, curry, cakes, sweets and lots more. It was such a fantastic evening as we got to know each other more, played games and just danced to music.
It was thanksgiving Sunday at church and I learnt a lot from the various testimonies that were shared. The one that touched me the most was the testimony of a little boy who was thanking God for helping him move from the middle set in maths to the top set. It just got me thinking about gratitude. Even with the little things- we still have to thank God because the small victories are still significant.

Can you all seriously believe it's December? Well I can't but I love this month so much as it is one of my favourite seasons of the year. To kick of this Christmas season I thought I'd share some of my favourite Christmas songs every week just like I did last year.
The very first on my list is Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix

Finally, I am getting involved in an #Actoflovechallenge this month and if you would like to get involved in a project to share love or do a love deed to someone this month, you can check out the video to find out more about this challenge here.
Wish you guys all the best this new month and I hope you had a lovely week.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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