My Week #50 (2015)

Diabetes Mentoring Scheme Interview And Training, End Of Term, Winter Wonderland And My Natural Hair Journey #2

Week 50 in my Filofax

 Christmas tree at uni/ Beautiful sunset after rain/ House with beautiful Christmas decorations./ One of the rides at Winter Wonderland./ A freaky house/ London eye/ Shopping centre/ Christmas lights/ Beautiful lit of streets of London :)

Bible Verse Of The Week:
"If they obey and serve Him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment"
Job 36:11

The week started off really nice and lovely. We had a session in the dissection room but it was just based on clinical examination and not on actual stuff we have to know for the exam.
Later in the evening, I was interviewed to become a Diabetes Mentor which is part of the Diabetic Mentoring Scheme hosted by the Paediatric Soceity here at SGUL.

We didn't have any lectures which gave us some time to relax. I did watch a couple of movies too.

This was the last day of lectures and my friend and i were running late so we had to run but the lecturer wasn't there when we arrived so it was all good.
After lectures, my friends and I went to Winter Wonderland in Central London. It wasn't as grand as I expected but we did have loads of fun. I went on 2 rides and I screamed all the way haha.

Most people started going home from Wednesday night so halls of residence so quiet now with less people. I had plannerd to go home on Saturday but because I had training for the Diabetes Mentoring Scheme, I couldn't leave.

I was able to get some laundry done, I cooked and then finished writing up my anatomy notes as well as go through some of my notes again.

This was day 1 of the Diabetes Mentoring Scheme. This programme was designed for children (11-18year olds) suffering from diabetes who also have low self esteem issues because of it. The job of the mentors will involve a 6 month commitment where we will be required to meet with the child every week and engage in activities or talk about how they are coping just to help build their self esteem and confidence and to make them feel better about themselves. There were a lot of scenario questions, exercises and discussions in groups which was really interesting. We also had a question and answer session with someone who used to be a mentee and they spoke about their experiences and how that relationship changed their life. It was a long training session from 10am till 5pm but I definitely found it useful.

This was day 2 of the diabetes training. We did learn a bit more and we got involved in some role play at the end which was quite interesting to see how we would react in certain situations. I enjoyed this experience and I am quite excited about this project. I am going home tomorrow so I am just going to pack my stuff, watch X Factor finale and get ready to go back home.

My Natural Hair Journey #2: 6 Months Post Relaxer
I am so excited to be doing another natural hair update post. The last time I did one was 3 months ago just before I came to uni and before I got my weave. I did take my weave out about a week ago and my hair has grown indeed. The picture I took last time wasn't very clear so I tried to take better pictures this time round.
Texture shot from the top/ I cut the relaxed ends on the bit at the side so all of that hair is natural. This hair stretched to just below my ear./ A closer look at my curl pattern- this is not consistent throughout my hair though as I've noticed I might have different curl patterns in different section of my head./ 2 inches of new growth :)

I have now been free of relaxers for 6 months and I am still going. My new growth is about 2 inches long now and I can start to see a curl pattern in some places which feels so nice. Judging from the last 6 months, it would seem like the growth rate of my hair is about an inch every 3 months. I will be getting braids soon as another protective style so I am excited to see how much new growth I will have when I take them down. Next natural hair update will hopefully be when I am 9 months post relaxer and I can't wait.

Finally guys, I just wanted to mention that I am taking part in an #ActOfLoveChallenge this month which is just to provoke or motivate one another to do a love deed this season. If you would like to get involved, you can click this video here.

Christmas song of the week: Carol Of The Bells- Pentatonix.

Hope you guys had a fabulous week.
Thanks ever so much for reading.
God bless.


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