Scripture Art Journal Flip Through #11 + Act Of Love Challenge

Hello guys,
It's that time again and I will be sharing with you pages from my Scripture Art Journal for the month of November. You can see the pages for the previous months here.

Week 45

This verse is very similar to that in Matthew 7:7-8 which says "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened". It even goes ahead to say that "For everyone who asks, receives and he who seeks, finds and to him who knocks, the door shall be opened"
The extra thing in this verse is the bit at the end "so that your joy may be full". 
We can always find fullness of joy in Christ Jesus and He has promised us in His Word that "everyone" who asks receives so we should not hesitate to speak to our heavenly Father about our needs so our joy can be complete.

Week 46

I had shared this scripture a few months ago in my Faith Journal and before then I didn't realise that arranging the words of this verse like this could spell the word Valentine. I found that to be really amazing. No other man on earth or in heaven or under the earth has ever shown any greater love than the love Christ showed us when He died on the cross. That makes me feel loved coz God loves us indeed and His love for us is indescribable.

Week 47

I love the fact that most of the scriptures this month are based around love. Isn't that somthing we really do need in our world today? God is love and by showing His love to others we prove that we are born of Him and He lives in us. Let's love one another including just as Christ loved us. The topic for my devotions this morning was about loving our neighbours. Let's not forget about showing love even to those we don't really like. Christ loves all of us equally so in following His perfect example, let's try to show love to EVERYONE.

Week 48

As some of you may already know, I am part of a Facebook group called "Hide His Word In My Heart" where we share our scripture art journal pages and encourage in other in Christ. This scripture actually sparked the "Act Of Love Challenge" which I will be taking part in this month of December. The challenge is basically to choose one person around you this week or month and to show love to do an act of love. In Maymay's video, she mentioned a WW2 veteran in a nursing home in New York who will be spending yet another Christmas alone and invited us to shower him with greeting cards. I will definitely be getting involved in this project and will be sending a card to him for Christmas. I am really excited about this project and feel to join in if you want. I will be sharing what I get up to in the next Scripture Art Journal post. If you want to find out more details, click on the link to the video here.
So just like the scripture suggests, I want to motivate you all to perform an act of love this Christmas to anyone. 
Do let me know in the comments if you will be getting involved in this challenge.
Thanks for reading.
Lots of love.


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