University: First Year Biomed Term One Review

Hello everyone,

As some may already know, we've broken up from uni for Christmas and I am home now trying to bury myself in my books in preparation for Semester 1 exams. However, in today's post, I thought I'd talk a bit about how my very first term at university went. There are quite a few things to talk about so I thought I would split information into different parts.

Fresher's Week:
At George's, we had Fresher's fortnight instead of Fresher's week so it was double the fun. There were so many activities and parties to get involved in and I also met so many people. SGUL is quite a very small university so I was able to quickly find my "group" of people that I hung out with quite regularly. I had such an amazing time and signed up for quite a few soceities. If you would like to read about the details of how my Fresher's Fortnight went, you can click here.

Settling In:
I guess most freshers always tend to worry about how they are going to settle in at university and this was certainly one of my worries. During the first couple of days, I did miss home and my family and friends but then after a few days when everything became busy with fresher's events, it kinda helped me not to focus too much on home and soon I was getting used to the whole being at uni with different people. My flatmates as well are very nice and I am really close with one of them so it did make things easy for me to be around people that I got along with.
We were assigned to personal tutors who are there to help and support us here at uni.
We were also assigned to a parent which is a student in an older year and my uni mum is a second year Biomed who has been really nice and helpful throughout the term.

For the more academic side of things, the course I study is Biomedical Science and it is not your typical Biomedical Science Course. SGUL do a transfer to medicine scheme which gives an opportunity for students to be able to transfer to medicine when they finish their Biomed course. It is very competitive of course and most if not every Biomed student is hoping to transfer including me. For this reason, the Biomeds here at SGUL do a little more extra by learning an extra module called Clinical Sciences and we attend lectures with medical, physiotherapy and healthcare science students. This is all part of the Interfoundation Programme or IFP. Biomeds also have two other modules. The first is Cellular And Molecular Biology (CMB) and the other is Biomedical Skills And Technologies (BST).

As part of the BST module, we have tutorial sessions in groups every week. We get given a sheet of questions to complete during the week and then on Fridays, we meet up in our groups and go through the questions and answers. We are supervised by a tutor. I find these tutorials quite useful as we get to help each other in case we find things difficult.

Lab Practicals
Our BST module also involves lab practicals which we do once a week as well. Some of these lab practicals are assessed which count for a tiny percentage of our exams. If I could choose, I wouldn't do practicals but again, they aren't too bad and I don't mind them.

As part of the CS module, we learn anatomy and we do have sessions in the dissection room every week as well. We have demonstrators that teach us with the use of cadavers, prosections and models. I wouldn't say I was very excited about learning anatomy this way, but I was looking forward to it as it is not something all unis in the UK offer. I have to say, I took to it quite well and I find it really useful.

Social life:
So far, I would say that my social life here at uni isn't too bad. I joined quite a few soceities like the Christian Union, Gospel Choir, African And Carribean Soceity and I was also part of the  Fashion Show which was a dance show for charity. I have met so many amazing people including older years in different courses who have been so nice and very useful in terms of helping out academically, socially and just giving really useful advice.

So that was a quick ish review of my first term at uni. I really do love it there and I have had such an amazing time so I am really looking forward to the future. Anyway I am gonna head back to revision.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.


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