My Week #4 In Review (2016)

Anatomy Mock Exam, Last Lectures, I Got Into Tooting Show, Exam in 2 days, Revision, Revision, Revision And Oh Did I Mention Revision?

My Week 4 in my Filofax

Made Jollof rice/ Me revising at uni/ Revising Histology/ One of the quotes I saw on instagram that really encouraged me, It simply said "God is in control" and I believe this because I can never be able to do this on my own. My strength comes from Him coz He is in control of everything.

We had anatomy mock in the dissection room which was quite chilled actually. There was a chance to do some revision if we wished to but I chose to just crack on with the mock. Our anatomy exam this semester is formative so I am not too worried about it. Our written exam however is summative.
We were supposed to have a lecture that afternoon but it was cancelled. We also had a revision histology practical in the labs which I found quite helpful. I wanted to stay at uni and revise after that but I decided to go back to halls in the end because I had a headache.

This was the last day of lectures and it was nice to finally just start revising without worrying about new content you haven't covered. If you want to know in detail how my day went, check out the previous post  here if you haven't already.

Woke up early because we had a revision lecture at 10 and after the lecture, there was more revision. Left uni at 6pm.
I found out later that evening that I had gotten into the Tooting Show. I only auditioned to dance and I am going to be in 3 dances. I am super excited and I can't wait.

Pretty much the same thing. Woke up early and went to uni to do work.

Apart from going to the library and studying, my routine was pretty much the same as I didn't get the chance to do anything else other than study, rest and eat.

We had an outreach programme at church from 11-12 and after that I went to the library but I was so tired I ended up having to leave early. I rested when I got back to halls and then did some more revision.

After church, I did what I normally do on Sunday afternoons which is rest for a bit. I'll do some more revision tonight but for now I think I'm going to check out "The Voice" auditions videos on YouTube. Anyone watch The Voice?

Hope you all are having a more exciting week. I will be done with exams on Thursday and so hopefully I will have more exciting things to talk about on the blog.
Thanks ever so much for reading guys.
It's been kinda hard balancing uni and blogging but I've been trying my best because I know that at least someone is going to read it. So thank you.
It means a lot to me.
God bless :)


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