My Week #3 In Review (2016)

ISOC Revision Lectures, Anatomy Revision And 9 Days Till Exam.

Week 3 in my Filofax

Trying to learn all the 12 cranial nerves for the last DR session of Semester One/ Beautiful sunny day/ Joke from one of the ISOC revision sessions we had. When parents are always right haha./ At another revision session. 

We had our last proper session in the dissection room for Semester one. We still have a couple more lectures for Semester one though and the content will all be included in the exam.
In the evening, we attended a revision session which was organised by ISOC and it was useful. They carry out these revision sessions every year and the sessions are run by students which is quite nice of them.

We had our last practical for Semester one and it was such a good feeling but also a bit daunting as this only means one thing-exams. We only had one lecture that morning and were free in the afternoon. I decided to go back to halls but I came back to uni in the evening for the Christian Union meeting where we had lots and lots of pizza.

We didn't have any lectures but we had an anatomy revision session for about 2 hours. We've had all our anatomy sessions for semester one and we were given the opportunity to go into the dissection room and go through anything we needed to go through. There were demonstrators around ready to answer our questions or go through anything with us.
We also had another revision session in the evening.

We had two lectures in the morning then I hung around in the library till the revision session we had in the evening.

We finished quite early which is very unusual as our Fridays are always so packed we barely get any proper lunch break. Thank God for exams eh? 
We had the last and longest revision session ever put together by ISOC from 5pm till 9pm but it was really useful and they even went through some practice questions in the end. 

I soentspent almost all my day in the library and I made fried rice when i got back. I studied for a bit then I went to bed.
I really enjoyed service from church today. There are certain times when you feel like certain messages are just sent directly from God to encourage you and I definitely felt like that today. Thank God for always remembering us and for being faithful. 😊

Hope you all had a blessed week.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.


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