Book Review: How To Find A Man In Five Dates & Breaking Her No-Dating Rule

Hello everyone,
Today I will be reviewing one of the books I decided to read this year. I think I am doing well so far when it comes to my resolution of reading more books and if things continue in this manner, 2016 will be the year I read the most books in my entire life..

Authors: Tina Beckett and Amalie Berlin
Series: N/A
Published: 2015
Genres: Medical Romance
Pages: 194
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased from a charity shop

I was casually checking out one of my local charity shops one day and I came across their book stand with lots and lots of novels and since they were only a pound each, I decided to get one so I could get back into my reading habit. This book was one of the many in the category "Medical Romance". I love all things medical and I also love romance and so those two words together did it for me. I also loved the fact that there were two stories in one so I saw that as a bonus. I was really looking forward to reading this book.

When I first picked up this book, I found it hard to get into the first story but I found out that this was just because I had just finished reading A Part Of Me and the two books had very different writing styles so I stopped reading for a while. 
At the beginning of this year- which was several months later, I picked it up again, starting afresh this time and it was much easier for me to get into it. 
The first story- How To Find A Man In Five Dates follows the story of the very beautiful Dr Miranda Dupris, who after coming off a very bad break up with her ex, decides to make a New Year's resolution encouraged by her best friend -Ellory Star, to date at least 25 men without having any emotional commitments. She makes a 100 dollar bet to "serial date" throughout the whole year and everything is going well for her. This was all until she met man number 5- the sun-kissed Dr Jack Perry. At first, she treats him just like the previous 4 men she had already met but the more time they spend together, the more she realises she is at a risk of losing this bet along with her heart.
I loved the pace at which everything happened. I also really loved the writer's writing style. There were a couple of times I found myself giggling a lot which was good. I thought it was a really good read and it always left me wanting to know what was going to happen next.

The second story- Breaking Her No-Dating Rule was a continuation of the first story but now focusing on Mira's best friend and very pretty massage therapist- Ellory Star. Ellory, like her best friend also decided to start off her year with a resolution but unlike Mira, she decided not to date men at all until she is ready. She soon gets snowed in with the charming life saver and delicious ER doctor- Anson Graves. She thinks his last name alone means trouble but she soon starts to realise that this man, might just be the one worth breaking the "no-dating rule" for. Or not. 
Even though I expected the story to focus on the romance side of things, I found that it focused a bit more on the personal struggles of both Anson and Ellory. This was something I loved about this story as it did take a different turn to the first. At one point, I felt things were kind of dragging a bit as nothing much was happening but when things picked up again, it was really good. 

My favourite character from the book was definitely Jack Perry. I loved how caring he was and it was so very easy to fall in love with him. He was- in my opinion- the typical gentleman. 
One of the important lessons I learnt from this book are the words from Ellory herself.
"You can't control what people do. You can't control anyone but yourself- whether they do something awful or whether they are true heroes. All you can control is how you respond."
If you are looking for yet another heart warming love story with some humour and a few important life lessons, then I guess this is the book for you.

Hope you enjoyed reading this book review. I will now be moving on to the next book on my list which is Chasing Hope so expect a review sometime in the near future.
Thanks so much for reading.
God bless.


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