My Week #11 In Review (2016)

Last Lectures, End Of Term, Last TBH Clinic, Gospel Choir Social, ACS Take Me Out, Impact Talent Show In Wembley And Spring Is Finally Here 

My week 11 in my Filofax

Started reading the book Chasing Hope/ View from the 5th floor at uni/ Studying till 2 in the morning/ I made chicken casserole for the first time/ Eating pizza at Gospel Choir social/ Impact Talent Show in Wembley/ Take Me Out event by the Afro- Carribean Soceity/ We got glow-in-the-dark bracelets at the talent show.

We had our last DR session for term 2. I really enjoyed the DR session because I had prepped for it. We were focusing on the head and neck- talking about muscles, nerves, blood supply and going into more detail.
We didn't have any other lectures that day but we did have a histology practical in the afternoon. For the first time in 4 weeks, I was able to go back to halls after lectures rather than staying behind for dance rehearsals. Even though it is a good feeling to finally rest after all the hardwork we put into the Tooting Show, I can't help but admit that I do miss it a lot.

This was the last day of lectures and we had one lecture in the morning and then personal tutor meetings in the afternoon. We had to talk to our personal tutors about our exam results.
Later in the evening, I went to the Christian Union meeting where the old committee was handing over to the new committee. We had a lovely time of worship and just fellowshipping  together as the family we are.

I had my last Teddy Bear Hospital Clinic of the year and it was really fun teaching the kids again. I always look forward to these clinics and the more I do them, the more confident I become with dealing with children and the more I love it. I can't wait for more opportunities to get in contact with them.
After that, I went to the library and did some work before going back to halls.
My flatmate and I watched a movie later that evening.

I made some chicken casserole, watched another movie with my flat mate and then spent the rest of the day catching up on work I hadn't had the chance to do due to all the dance rehearsals.

I woke u early and went to the library. I did have quite a productive afternoon which was good. I then went for our Gospel Choir social and we had loads of pizza, Chinese food and we played some games.
After the social, most of us went to the Take Me Out event which was organised by our African-Caribbean soceity. We also had student from Imperial College London ACS and so it was really fun speaking to other students and just learning more about their courses. We also played a few games too which was good.

There was a talent show in my uni mum's church in Wembley and the Gospel Choir was performing there. The show was really good as there were so many talented young people who came to perform. There were singers, dancers, rappers and all other sorts of talents. The evening was really fun and it was sad to say goodbye to my friends as almost everyone has gone home for Easter.

My day started with a bit of a headache but I am feeling a lot better now. I am just going to try and finish doing the work I want to complete before going home on Tuesday.

Spring is finally here guys and I couldn't be happier. I've been able to endure this cold weather and I am just happy that even though it's still cold, the fact that it's spring means we might be getting flowers back and then it will eventually become warmer- hopefully.

Hope you guys had a lovely week.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless :)


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