My Week #9 In Review (2016)

New Hair, Semester One Results, SKIP Show, Last Tooting Show Weekend
Rehearsals And Mother's Day.

I have no photo of my Filofax this week because I was super busy and didn't have time to decorate and I also just didn't feel like it but hopefully next week.

Eating before a rehearsal. I didn't bring any cutlery with me so I had to use a knife instead./ Lunch at Sam's Chicken./ More food before SKIP Show./ Me feeling my new hair. My friend did it for me and I really like it./ Gospel Choir t shirts. We wore them for the first time at the SKIP show./ Making pasta in preparation for weekend rehearsals.

We had an early start this week. Normally, we have our DR sessions first thing on Monday mornings but for some reason biomeds had a 9am lecture before the DR session so it was something I had to get used to. Fortunately, I had done all the anatomy prep the night before so I wasn't worrying about that.

We had an early finish and then my friend and I went to the SU Bar and found out it was surprisingly quiet in the afternoon so we did some work there until evening. It was a nice change from the computer room or the library.

We didn't have any lectures but it was an early start for me because my flatmate did my hair for me. One of my choreographers needed the girls to have wear we can whip so I needed to change my hairstyle as my braids were to heavy for me to whip. I've got crochet braids in now which I love. 
My dance rehearsals were really early as well but that only meant I finished earlier.

Start of Week 4 lectures and the intensity continues. While we were having lunch, someone posted a story on snapchat showing the reception lady at halls putting results into our pigeon holes and so everyone who was at halls went rushing down to the reception to check if their results had come. The power of social media eh?
We had a late finish and I had rehearsals till 9pm so I couldn't find out about my results until then. It was a bit nerve wracking when everyone was talking about results and I had no idea what mine was. After rehearsals, my uni mum gave me a lift back to halls and I was able to check. It was so much better than I expected. The exam paper could have been so much better but really I have come to realise that if we put our minds to something and work hard for it, we can definitely achieve it. I am so happy with my results and I can't thank God enough.

We had SKIP show 2016 in the evening. SKIP is a charity which raises money in order to send volunteers to Kenya in order to educate young people (especially young girls) about good hygiene and other important health principles. There were loads of performances from students including, singing, dancing, poetry and even a performance from the Gospel Choir. They also auctioned out a few thing including work experience, text books and trips to Ghana and Spain. It was a really good night and we raised over a thousand pounds.

I had an early start because we had weekend rehearsals for the Tooting Show and we had to do a run through of the show.

We also had another day of weekend rehearsals. It was Mother's Day today and my mum's birthday was this week too so I was able to send her a gift which she loved. I had to leave church early because we had to do a run through of the Tooting Show today so I had to go into uni. It was a very long day and I am absolutely shattered. I'll try and do some work tonight before going to bed. It's going to be a long week and I am excited for the Tooting Show in 3 days.

How was your week?
Let me know in the comments :)
Thanks for reading.
God bless.


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