Tag: The Infinity Dreams Award (Random Things About Me)

Hello everyone, the lovely Elissa who blogs over at Letters To Jayna nominated me a few weeks ago to do this tag and I will be answering her questions in this post.

White, milk or dark chocolate (and there is definitely a wrong answer here)

Haha I like how you said there is definitely a wrong answer here. I'm not sure what that is but I know I am a chocoholic and I definitely know how I like my chocolate. I very much love milk chocolate and then I can go for white if there is no milk chocoholic. I really don't like dark chocolate. Trust me, I have tried but I just can't bring myself to like it.

What are you reading now?

I currently I'm reading the book "Chasing Hope" and will soon be reviewing it on my blog so keep an eye out for that.

How do you de-stress?

When I am stressed, I listen to a lot of music- mostly christian songs because when the world stresses me out, my faith is the only thing that keeps me going. 
I also do journal a lot and a combination of journalling and listening to music is my idea of de-stressing.

What is something small that brings you joy?

I love putting a smile on people's faces in my own crazy and unique way but as long as that makes others smile, I am happy.

What drew you to blogging?

The only reason I started blogging was to document my journey through medicine but after almost 2 years of blogging now, my blog has taking a different turn. I think it is now more of a creative lifestyle blog as I blog about a variety of things not just my medicine journey. I love sharing pages from my different journals, my planner and also my life.

What are you favourite kinds of blog posts to read?

I love planner and organisation blog posts, journal flip throughs, poems, student life posts, lifestyle and also book reviews.

Do you still shave your legs in the winter? (I'm actually curious about this one...)

Haha I infact do shave my legs during the winter. There's no particular reason and even though I cover them up most of the time, I just feel I might as well shave them all the time be it summer or winter.

What song(s) are you currently obsessed with?

My most current obsession is the song Psalm 46 Lord of Hosts by Shane and Shane. I just really love the chorus which says
"Lord of Hosts you're with us.
With us in the fire.
With us as a shelter.
With us in the storm.
You will lead us.
Through the fiercest battle.
Oh where else would we go
but with the Lord of Hosts?"
I have also been listening to a lot of afrobeats recently too which I love. 

What is a quote that perfectly describes your life at the moment?

Quotes have always been my thing. A recent quote I fell in love with is this one I found on instagram.

What is the one thing that makes you you?

I love being me and from what I've gathered from friends and family, the one that makes me me will probably be my crazy yet positive attitude.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tag.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless :)


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