My Week #13 In Review (2016)

Spring Flowers, Not Very Productive Week And Meet Up With Friends

My Week 13 in my Filofax

So many cute accessories in Claire's./ My new earphones./ Lovely sunset on my way back from bible study./ I developed a new love for chocolate flavoured tea./ Hot chocolate with my friends./ In the train back from a meet up with my friends from college./ Delicious chocolate cake/ Lovely view from IKEA/ Loving the spring flowers.

My highlight for this week was that I was able to meet up with some of my friends from college. I so love the fact that we still get along really well and have stuff to talk about even though we only see each other about three times a year. It was so much fun to catch up with them and we had a good meal.

In terms studying and doing work. this week wasn't very productive. There has just been so many distractions and I have not been able to strictly follow my timetable but I'm hoping this coming week will be so much better.

I have also been loving the sunny weather and beautiful spring flowers. My new hobby recently has been to take photos of flowers, sunsets and just nature in general. It is so beautiful to look at the God's gallery. It always amazes me.

Hope you all had a lovely week. 
Thanks for reading.
God bless.


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