My Week #16 In Review (2016)

First CU Meeting Of The Term, Formative Synoptic Exam, Gospel Choir Rehearsals Again And I'm A Dance Choreographer?

Week 16 in my Filofax

International Students Soceity End of year barbecue/ Lunch at uni/ I made pasta/ Back to more lectures/ Cool sunset on our way back from uni :)

Favourite quote of the week:
"Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but never goes anywhere."

This week, the medics were still on placement so we had only Biomed related lectures all week. The good news is we have finished one module and so now I can start revising that module for exams in June. We had a formative synoptic exam which was just to give us an idea of how the synoptic exam in June will be like. We were told the topics to revise and they asked us questions based on those topics. I thought it was alright but only the feedback will tell if it went well or not.

We also had our first Christian Union meeting of the term which was really nice. I always look forward to these meetings as we all meet and share God's Word and just encourage each other. We are more of a little family and it is such a nice feeling to belong somewhere. There was a CU holiday over Easter which I unfortunately could not go to so those who went shared with us what they did, what they learnt and also showed us all the fun pictures they took and adventures they had. They spent time in Poole, went to the beach in Bournemouth and also went on a walk in the New Forest. They had quite a lot of fun.

SGUL is organising a Talent Showcase on the 6th of May where there will be different acts performing and the winner will win a £300 prize. The Gospel Choir is taking part and since I am part of the choir, I will be in it as well. But that's not the only thing I will be taking part in. I was asked to choreograph an afrobeat dance routine for the act by the dance soceity so over the next 2 weeks or so, we will be rehearsing for this. I am so excited as I have never really choreod a dance before but I am hoping this will be good.

How was your week?
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God bless :)


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