Pocket Letter Share #2

Hello guys,

Today I wanted to share with you all what I got from my recent pocket letter. 
If you have no idea what a pocket letter is, it is basically a way of snailmailing with your pen pals but instead of sending each other just a letter you could add in some extra goodies as well. You can see what I got in my first pocket letter here.

This pocket letter was from my pen pal- Melissa in Belgium. 
The theme was Easter and this is the envelope it came in. 
It was very nicely decorated with washi tape and some bunny stickers.

The sleeve is made up nine pockets and you can fill it in with absolutely anything you want.

In the first row, I got some really cute bunting, some colourful washi tape samples and also her letter.

In the second row, I got some sticky notes, the bear ones have to be my absolute favourite. Melissa also including a DIY bunting set which I thought was quite unique and I need to get to work and put this together.
And I also got a mail tag. We decided to send each other questions every time we send a letter just so we can have things to write about whenever we send a pocket a letter to each other.

And in the third row, I got some more washi tape because one can never have too much washi tape and I really love Melissa's set as they are always so bright and colourful. I also got some stickers of fish and chickens. Finally, I got some ribbons as well. These ribbons are perfect for scrap booking, smash booking and even journalling. I always love using them.

I also got a little post card thingy with a bunny on the back which I thought was cute. I loved the little carrot sticker at the back and all the Easter themed decorative paper she added.

I really loved all the items I received so thank you so much Melissa if you are reading this.
And thanks to you guys for visiting.
God bless.


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