Gratitude Journal Flip Through #4

Hello lovely people,

Today I will be letting you all have another look inside my gratitude journal.
I started a gratitude journal challenge at the beginning of the year and the challenge is to use gratitude prompts to journal about the things I am grateful for each week.
You can view my previous pages here.

The first prompt for week 13 was "A Challenge You Have Overcome".
This prompt got me thinking about the many challenges that I have come across over the last couple of years and how I have been able to deal with them. I am very grateful for the strength to endure and keep going and also for how all these challenges have made me who I am today. I believe the challenges made me a better person so I am grateful for them.

The second prompt for week 13 was "Worship".
I just love this prompt so much because I think worship is a very important exercise as a child of God. When we just take some time out to acknowledge God for His character and who He is, we begin to understand more about the type of God He is and how His love for us never fails.

The first prompt for week 14 was "A Talent You Have".
I like to believe that I do have many talents and gifts some of which I am yet to discover.
One thing I know God has blessed me with is the ability to dance. If you have been reading my weekly updates, you might have noticed that my passion for dance has increased since I started university. This is because SGUL has so many dance shows every year which students take part in to raise money for different charities. I love dancing and I think it is fun especially when it is done to raise money to help others.
In case it is not very clear from the picture I drew, my favourite type of dance is afrobeats. It brings out the African in me I would never like to get rid of.

The seond prompt for week 14 was "Food On The Table".
I am so grateful for daily bread God has provided for us. Life as a student can be really hard sometimes especially trying to fend for myself and managing money but I have never starved and I am grateful to God for that.

The first prompt for week 15 was "Things You Like About Spring".
I remember being very excited about for Spring and it finally here.
I love Spring because you start to notice the beautiful flowers, the warmth, the green leaves and the sun starts showing it's face more frequently which is always a good thing.

The second prompt for week 15 was "Self Care".
Working in the hospital as a  healthcare assistant looking after patients has made me come to appreciate greatly the ability to take care of myself. There are so many out there who neglect themselves and sometimes not willingly, but because they don't have the ability to.
So I am grateful for self care.

The first prompt for week 16 was "Simple Things In Life".
While searching for quotes to use for this page, I found another one shown below.

 I am someone who loves to appreciate the simple things in life because I believe it is all these simple things that add up to an extraordinary life and sometimes we expect too many extraordinary things that we fail to notice these simple things.
Finally, the second prompt for week 16 was "Bills".
Paying bills can be something that we never look forward to but I came to understand that they are payment for the good things that we received. If we have a good house which provides us warmth and resources withing it that are all to our comfort, then we should be grateful for these good things that we are able to enjoy from paying these bills.

You can watch the YouTube video here.

What are you grateful for this month?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
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God bless :)


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